If you are Suspended or Dismissed from the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS), you are not eligible for continued enrollment without successful completion of Summer Session coursework at Rutgers- New Brunswick. You must meet all conditions stipulated and explained in the letter of Suspension or Dismissal. In documented extraordinary circumstances, you may submit an Academic Appeal. Students must be able to demonstrate readiness for successful academic work, the ability to raise their cumulative GPA to graduation level, and a realistic plan for completing degree requirements.

Grace Period Remediation

Your Suspension or Dismissal may be reversed if you can raise your cumulative GPA to the required standard (determined by your class year and number of terms enrolled) by completing course work during the Rutgers- NB  Summer Session immediately following your Suspension or Dismissal, no later than August 17th.

  • If you are able to raise your cumulative GPA sufficiently you will be taken off of the Suspension or Dismissal list but may be placed on Warning or Probation depending on your term GPA from the previous Spring Semester
  • Students subject to Suspension or Dismissal may utilize the Grace Period Remediation option.
  • For students subject to Suspension only: If you believe you will be unable to raise your GPA to the required standard during Summer Session you may decide to pursue the reenrollment option instead of Grace Period Remediation (see Reenrollment below).

To use this or the Conditional Summer Reenrollment option, complete and return this form:  

Intent to Continue Form

Conditional Reenrollment following Academic Suspension

If you are a student subject to Suspension (not Dismissal), you may not find it possible or practical to complete enough course work during the Summer Session Grace Period to raise your cumulative GPA to the required standard. In this case, you may choose to waive the Grace Period option in favor of the Reenrollment option. In so choosing, you accept your Suspension and it will remain in your academic file. At the same time, you can still earn Reenrollment for the upcoming academic year by the following means: You must complete six new degree credits (two courses) during the Rutgers Summer Session at New Brunswick and obtain a Summer Session GPA of 2.75 or higher by the end of the third Summer Session. Be aware, you cannot earn new degree credits for any courses that are E-credited or in which you previously earned degree credit, including grades of D that are ineligible for the F/D Repeat Policy and grades of C or higher. If you take courses in pursuit of Grace Period Remediation, they can alternately count toward fulfillment of the Reenrollment option. If you enroll in more than six credits of summer coursework, your average for all summer coursework must still be at least 2.75.

  • If you are successful in meeting the requirements for Reenrollment you will be placed on Probation with mandatory conditions and restrictions in your next semester of enrollment and a note of Academic Suspension will remain in your academic file.
  • If you then fail to earn a term average of 2.00 or higher, SAS reserves the right to rescind your reenrollment and may require you to sit-out the Spring term and apply for Conditional Reenrollment in the Summer. Note: Re-enrollment is not guaranteed. Each application will be determined based on your academic history and the viability of successful degree completion.
  • Only students subject to suspension may utilize the option of Reenrollment to qualify for continued enrollment.
  • Students subject to Academic Dismissal are not eligible to utilize the Reenrollment option except by written Appeal to the Faculty Committee for Academic Standing.

 To use this or the Grace Period Remediation option, complete and return this form:

 Intent to Continue Form

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