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Spring 2015

SAS Signature Courses

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New Courses

African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian Languages and Literatures
01:013:120 Naguib Mahfouz's Egypt
01:013:148 Elementary Arabic for Arabic Speakers I
01:013:149 Elementary Arabic for Arabic Speakers II
01:013:163 Elementary Urdu II
01:013:205 Cultural Forces in International Politics
01:013:215 African Short Stories
01:013:392 Advanced Twi I
01:013:432 Readings in Modern Hindi Literature
01:013:433 Modern Urdu Literature and Popular Culture 
American Studies
01:050:230 Fashioning Bodies, Transforming American Identities
01:050:285 Independent Study/Project: Media Culture
01:050:286 Independent Study/Project in American Culture
01:050:344 Race, Gender and Islam in the US
01:050:391 Independent Study/Project in American Culture
01:070:152 Bones and Stones Laboratory
01:070:201 Evolution and Human Behavior
01:070:329 Human Evolutionary Genetics
01:070:339 Caribbean Archaeology
01:070:373 Visual Ethnography of Everyday Life 
01:070:377 Evolution and Religion
01:070:399 Deceit and Self-Deception
01:074:140 Elementary Arabic I
01:074:141 Elementary Arabic II
01:074:145 Accelerated Arabic I
01:074:240 Intermediate Arabic I
01:074:241 Intermediate Arabic II
01:074:244 Egyptian Arabic I
01:074:340 Advanced Arabic I
01:074:341 Advanced Arabic II
Asian Studies
01:098:101 Elementary Filipino
01:098:111 Elementary Vietnamese
01:098:151 Elementary Manchu
01:098:215 Introduction to Vietnamese Literature in Translation
01:098:235 Mongolian Literature in Translation
01:098:373 Classical Tibetan
01:098:393 Independent Study of Asian Languages and Literatures
01:098:394 Independent Study of Asian Languages and Literatures
01:122:491 Research in Biomathematics
01:122:492 Research in Biomathematics
Cell Biology and Neuroscience
01:146:340 Virology
01:160:459 Electroanalytic Chemistry
Cinema Studies
01:175:306 Modern French Cinema (in English)
Cognitive Sciences
01:185:310 Concepts
01:185:320 Research Methods in Cognitive Science
01:185:395 Research in Cognitive Science
01:185:396 Research in Cognitive Science
Comparative Literature
01:195:140 Being Human
01:195:220 The Ecological Imagination in Literature, Film, and Media
01:195:231 Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature in Translation
01:195:232 Women Writers of South Asia
01:195:430 Gender, Nation, and Literature in South Asia
Computer Science
01:198:439 Introduction to Data Science
01:351:314 Documentary Filmmaking for Writers
01:359:220 Introduction to Performance Theory
Environmental Studies
01:381:101 Introduction to Environmental Studies
01:381:371 Topics in Environmental Studies
01:381:372 Topics in Environmental Studies
01:381:485 Environmental Studies Internship
01:381:486 Environmental Studies Internship
01:381:491 Environmental Studies Independent Study
01:381:492 Environmental Studies Independent Study
01:420:271 Francophilia: Literature and Sexuality in Modern France
01:470:280 The Culture of Yiddish:  An Introduction
01:470:327 Writing Travel: Movement, Migration, Mobility
01:505:432 Readings in Modern Hindi Literature
01:506:225 The Black Atlantic World
01:506:236 Poverty in World History
01:506:254 History of Oil
01:506:290 Instructional Assistant Internship
01:510:263 Exile Under Nazism and Communism
01:510:372 Armenian Genocide in Comparative Perspective
01:560:248 A Cultural Tour of Italy
01:560:354 Italian Culture through Music
Jewish Studies
01:563:246 Jewish Humor
01:563:270 Exile under Nazism and Communism
01:563:461 Supplementary Independent Study
01:640:110 Algebra for Middle School Teachers
Middle Eastern Studies
01:685:204 Crossroads: Classical Literatures of Africa, the Middle East and South Asia
01:685:221 Introduction to the Literatures of the Middle East
01:685:280 Jerusalem Contested: A City's History from Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Perspectives
01:685:384 Cyprus: A Global History
Political Science 
01:790:387 Politics and Culture in Greece and the Balkans
01:840:115 The Birth and Death of God from Mesopotamia to Postmodernity
01:840:227 Islam in the Modern World
01:840:362 Postmodern Approaches to Sacred Literature
01:840:363 Women and Islam
01:840:430 Seminar on Religious Fundamentalisms and Modernisms in the U.S. 
01:840:458 Seminar on Islamic Thought
Science, Technology and Society
01:880:210 The Edison Effect:  Technological Innovation in American Culture
Sexualities Studies
01:888:291 Francophilia: Literature and Sexuality in Modern France
01:888:390 Topics in Critical Sexualities Studies
Social Justice
01:904:395 Topics in Social Justice
01:960:142 Data 101
Women's and Gender Studies
01:988:232 Women Writers of South Asia
01:988:315 Race, Gender, and Islam in the United States
01:988:431 Gender, Nation, and Literature in South Asia


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