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Fall 2015

SAS Signature Courses

Check out the brochure of the Fall 2015 SAS Signature Courses!

New Majors and Major Options

  • Major in Chemistry - Forensic Chemistry Option (160M)
  • Major in Cinema Studies (175) (coming later in Fall 2015)
  • Major in Health Administration (501)
  • Major in Urban Planning and Design (971)

Please see the List of Majors and Minors for additional information, and myMajor to declare.

Changes to Existing Majors and Minors

Several majors and minors have approved changes for students who declare beginning in Fall 2015 or after. Details about each of these changes may be found in Degree Navigator or on the major or minor department's website.

The following majors and minors have had changes made:

  • Major and Minor in English (350)
  • Minor in Gender and Media (438)
  • Major in Journalism and Media Studies (567)
  • Minor in Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies (595)
  • Major in Linguistics (615)
  • Major and Minor in Middle Eastern Studies (685)
  • Major and Minor in Planning and Public Policy (762)
  • Major and Minor in Public Health (832)
  • Minor in Public Policy (833)
  • Major and Minor in Russian (860)
  • Minor in Sexualities Studies (888)
  • Minor in Social Justice (904)
  • Minor in Sociology (920)
  • Major in Statistics/Mathematics (961)
  • Major in Women's and Gender Studies (988)

New Courses

The following new courses have been created by SAS departments. Please see Degree Navigator for course descriptions.

01:074:120 Naguib Mahfouzâ's Egypt
01:074:148 Elementary Arabic for Arabic Speakers I
01:074:149 Elementary Arabic for Arabic Speakers II
01:074:442 Readings in Modern Arabic Literature
Art History
01:082:215 Baroque Magnificence
01:082:226 Art and Visual Culture of the Caribbean
01:160:387 Introduction to Chemistry Education
01:165:463 Nature in Chinese Literature
Comparative Literature
01:195:137 The Haunted
01:195:145 Heroes and Heroines
01:195:230 Modern Jewish Culture: Key Texts and their Afterlives
01:195:234 The Power of Myth
01:195:240 Animals and Humans
01:195:305 Readings in Latin American Literature and Theory
01:195:381 Topics in Comparative Cultural Studies
01:358:230 Major Topics and Authors in British Literature
01:358:262 Introduction to Literature and Environment
01:358:263 Civilization and its Discontents
01:358:275 The Cultural History of Now
01:358:310 Medieval Drama
01:358:438 Seminar: Topics in 21st-Century Literature
01:359:209 Introduction to Health, Medicine, and Literature
01:359:460 Seminar: Media Theory
Geological Sciences
01:460:480 Major Events in Earth History
01:510:393 Jewish Historical Fiction
01:512:285 History of Rutgers University
Interdisciplinary Studies
01:556:121 Mountainview Program Seminar
01:560:258 Italian Icons
01:560:364 Villains, Heroines, Rebels, and Scapegoats
Latin American Studies
01:590:298 Latinos and Migration
01:590:399 Topics in Latin American Studies
01:590:493 Internship in Latin American Studies
01:615:407 Topics in the Comparative Syntax of French and Francophone Dialects and Creoles
01:615:497 Advanced Undergraduate Seminar
Literature and Language
01:617:431 Computer-Assisted Translation
01:617:490 Seminar: Topics in World Languages
Middle Eastern Studies
01:685:323 Middle Eastern Folklore and Myth
Political Science
01:790:254 Reading Social Science Research
01:830:308 Psychosocial Foundations of Health and Medicine
01:830:403 Programming for Behavioral Scientists
01:830:415 History of Brain Science
01:920:308 Psychosocial Foundations of Health and Medicine
01:956:186 Elementary Swahili I
01:956:187 Elementary Swahili II
01:956:286 Intermediate Swahili I
01:956:287 Intermediate Swahili II
01:956:386 Advanced Swahili I
01:956:387 Advanced Swahili II
Women's and Gender Studies
01:988:294 Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
01:988:296 Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
01:988:311 Gender, Race and Visual Media
01:988:499 Capstone in Gender and Media

New SAS Core Courses

01:013:205 Cultural Forces in International Politics 21C
01:013:287 Intermediate Swahili II AHq
01:082:118 Looking at Twenty First-Century World History 21C, HST
01:165:215 Introduction to Chinese Civilization HST, AHp
01:195:140 Being Human AHp
01:195:230 Modern Jewish Culture: Key Texts and their Afterlives AHp
01:358:275 The Cultural History of Now 21C, AHp
01:460:222 Planet Mars, the Next Frontier 21C, NS
01:460:224 Geology of the Moons and Planets 21C, NS
01:506:118 Looking at Twenty First-Century World History 21C, HST
01:590:298 Latinos and Migration SCL
01:685:323 Middle Eastern Folklore and Myth AHo or AHp
01:956:287 Intermediate Swahili II AHq
11:015:431 International Trade Policy 21C
11:067:250 Companion Animal Science NS
11:373:122 Principles and Applications of Macroeconomics SCL
11:373:362 Natural Resource Economics SCL
11:374:101 Introduction to Human Ecology 21C, SCL
11:374:115 Water and Society 21C, SCL
11:374:279 Politics of Environmental Issues 21C, SCL
11:375:197 Environmental Science Literacy 21C, ITR


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