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Career Explorations in the Arts and Sciences

Empowering Students to Build Meaningful Lives and Satisfying Careers

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Students come to college for many reasons and most expect to lead successful, purposeful lives after graduation. In our complex, technology driven world, however, it can seem more challenging than ever to understand how a liberal arts education can prepare them to achieve this dream. The Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences is launching the Career Explorations Initiative with the goal of empowering students to build exciting lives and careers after graduation using their liberal arts education and other resources.

Do you want a career with PURPOSE that allows you to thrive after graduation? Do you feel anxious or confused about how to connect your academic path with a career, how to select the “right” major, or how to find and follow your passions in college and after graduation and still build a successful career? Are you struggling in a major you don’t like for fear of losing out on “good” jobs?


 Career Explorations in Arts & Sciences 01:090:210 (Fall/Spring) is a new course for undergraduate SAS students that can show you how to build a successful, purposeful life and career with ANY Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences degree.

This course and other activities will help students in ANY MAJOR build the cognitive skills and reflective, exploratory approach that is essential for leading a rich inner and public life, as well as for building a satisfying career. Through new Career Explorations courses, alumni networking opportunities, and other activities, this initiative will help students to:

  • Understand the ways that the liberal arts are critical to solving the world’s most pressing problems;
  • Link their academic work in the liberal arts to key competencies employers require today;
  • Become enthusiastic “Career Makers” who take initiative to explore and build meaningful careers while supporting their peers to do the same;
  • Engage in critical reflection of their interests, skills, and values and connect these to available education, volunteer, and job opportunities;
  • Practice critical career development skills, such as networking, personal branding; and
  • Launch and sustain exciting, purposeful personal and professional lives


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