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Students in the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) must maintain clear status as either a full-time or part-time student by filing appropriate applications to the dean of the school.

Full-time Students

Full-time matriculated students typically register for 15 credits per semester. They may register for a maximum of 20.5 credits per semester and must register for a minimum of 12 credits to be considered full-time students under university regulations and federal law. Full-time students with an Academic Standing Status (such as Warning or Probation) may register for a maximum of 16 credits. Such students must consult their notification letter for further information. Full-time matriculated students may not drop below 12 credits during the fall or spring semesters.

Part-time Students

SAS students who wish to register for fewer than 12 credits must have their request for part-time status approved by the Office of Academic Services prior to the beginning of the semester.

Seniors who need less than 12 credits in their final semester to graduate may register only for the number of credits required to complete the degree; there is no need to seek formal approval for this. Students registered for fewer than 12 credits are considered part-time students under university regulations and federal law. Hence, the decision to register for less than 12 credits and become a part-time student often has significant implications for the student's financial aid, health insurance coverage, housing, scholarship eligibility, and the like. Students must consult with an academic adviser familiar with these issues before submitting a request for part-time status.

For more information, see the Request to Become a Part Time Student page.

Students with Nontraditional Status

SAS students with nontraditional status* normally schedule two or three courses per semester, but may register for up to 20.5 credits per semester. SAS nontraditional status students who have demanding nonacademic commitments are advised not to schedule more than two courses per semester during their first year. Nontraditional and part-time students are subject to standard registration policies regarding adding and withdrawal deadlines.

* A student may be eligible for SAS nontraditional status if they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • has had an interruption (typically five years or more) of formal undergraduate education either at Rutgers or before attending Rutgers
  • has documented, significant nonacademic commitments pertaining to personal circumstances that would preclude or severely impede a student from obtaining a degree through traditional academic full-time study
  • is not enrolled in a degree program (nonmatriculated)
  • is pursuing postbaccalaureate studies primarily in undergraduate courses
  • is pursuing an off-campus degree completion program through a Rutgers-New Brunswick school.

Tuition Refund Dates for Credit Load Reduction

Beginning with the first day of the semester, eligible students may reduce their course load via Webreg only on the published add/drop dates. After these dates, students must visit the Office of Academic Services. Part-time students will receive a 100% refund of tuition for the reduced credits until the second week of classes. After the end of the second week, there is no refund for credit reduction.

No reductions are granted after the seventh day of classes to undergraduate students who withdraw from one or more courses but remain registered in others. No adjustment from full-time to part-time status is made after the seventh day of classes. If withdrawal from one or more courses amounts to complete withdrawal from a program, the provision for full withdrawal applies.

Failure to attend class is not equivalent to a withdrawal. Students will not receive an adjustment of charges unless a formal withdrawal is filed with and approved by the Office of Academic Services, regardless of whether the student actually attended classes or took examinations.


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