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Nonmatriculating Students

Nonmatriculated students are those who are taking undergraduate courses but are not pursuing a degree.

Students are limited to 30 credits of non-matriculated enrollment. While nonmatriculated courses will appear on the Rutgers transcript, they are not computed into the GPA or included in the credit total.

You might consider non-matriculated reenrollment if:

  • only need to complete a few courses to qualify for employment or graduate study.
  • you would like to complete an additional major or minor begun during your first degree. Upon completion, a narrative comment will be added to the transcript indicating that the requirements for the major or minor were completed after the degree was conferred.
  • you are simply interested in taking a few courses for the sake of learning something new.

You should not consider non-matriculated reenrollment if:

  • you wish to raise your GPA. Non-matriculated credits are not computed in the GPA.
  • you wish to take graduate-level courses. This requires an application through the Graduate Admissions Office.
  • you have not already earned a Bachelor’s degree. Students cannot "step out" of a degree in progress and become non-matriculated, then resume progress toward the degree.

For More Information

To Apply

  • If your first degree is from Rutgers University, you can apply by filling out the SAS Reenrollment Application.

SAS Reenrollment Application


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