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Reenrollment Criteria, Deadlines, and Application for Rutgers-New Brunswick School of Arts & Sciences (SAS)

Reenrollment Criteria

Reenrollment criteria vary based on which school at Rutgers the student was enrolled in when last here. All reenrolled students are subject to SAS policies. Make sure you are mindful of deadlines and that you apply for the correct term you wish to return.

Previously Enrolled in Rutgers New Brunswick SAS

These students will be returning to Rutgers-New Brunswick SAS and will be held to the current degree requirements of the School of Arts & Sciences.

Students who were academically suspended (formerly known as first dismissal) from SAS-New Brunswick and are applying for conditional readmission should file for reenrollment for the SUMMER semester ONLY. If they file for the fall semester, we may not be able to track and process the application in a timely basis.

Previously Enrolled at Rutgers-Camden or Newark or at a New Brunswick Professional School

These students may apply to the School of Arts & Sciences (SAS) pending they meet the reenrollment criteria. The criteria are minimum requirements and do not guarantee admission to SAS. It is essential that you carefully read the criteria before you file for reenrollment, as it is strictly enforced. Your School to School reenrollment will be denied if the conditions are not met. You may find the criteria by going to and choosing “School of Arts and Sciences” in the New Brunswick menu.

Previously Enrolled in Rutgers - New Brunswick as Second Degree or Nonmatriculated

 Students may apply for nonmatriculated and second degree reenrollment only if they were previously enrolled or received their first bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University. Otherwise they must submit a Rutgers application for undergraduate admission as a transfer student seeking nonmetric or second degree status. It is imperative that you visit the links below before you file for reenrollment.

Admission Conditions for All Reenrollment Applicants

  • Admitted students will be returning to Rutgers through the School of Arts and Sciences will be held to the current degree requirements of the School of Arts and Sciences.
  • Admitted students are subject to all SAS policies, including SAS Academic Policies.
  • While previously earned degree credits/grades do not expire, they will be reviewed in compliance with SAS academic policies and some credits/grades may be declined and need to be repeated. Students should be aware that the School of Arts and Sciences may decline credits that were previously approved by their present school and/or adjust pass/no credit and repeated course grades in accordance with SAS policy.
  • Students are assigned a graduation date according to their cumulative credit total regardless of anticipated transfer coursework. Once admitted, a student can adjust his/her date of graduation online.


Students interested in applying for reenrollment to the School of Arts & Sciences must submit the application online no later than:

FALL August 15th
WINTER One week before Winter Classes start
SPRING January 14th
SUMMER May 15th

We start reviewing Fall and Winter applications in mid-October. Spring and Summer application review starts in mid-February. Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis, so early submission is essential. The closer you submit it to the deadline, the later your application will be reviewed. An official decision letter goes out via email and US mail after the application has been processed.

Modification or Withdrawal of Application


  • Please fill out the Rutgers-New Brunswick SAS Reenrollment Application.

Rutgers-New Brunswick SAS Reenrollment Application


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