Office of Academic Services

The Beginning of your First Year

Preparing for your APA Day

In order to make the most of your APA Day experience, we’d like you to take a few minutes to begin to understand your academic options. Please go through this checklist, read over the information, and begin to make some notes about your interests. Advisers at APA Day will help you decide how best to request courses to fully explore your interests and these options.

  1. Check out the available majors and minors at SAS. You have several semesters to explore your options, but you should start with an understanding of which departments may interest you.
  2. Think about the subjects you enjoyed in high school. Review the APA Guide and pay special attention to course suggestions based on your interests.
  3. Review the SAS Core requirements. We’ll be introducing the Core at APA Day and answering some common questions about completing the learning goals.
  4. Read about the special academic programs: Byrne Seminars, First Year Interest Group Seminars (FIGS), and Learning Communities and select a few topics that particularly interest you.
  5. Review the list of courses available to you and note some that particularly interest you.

Bring your notes and questions with you to APA Day to make the most of your time with our faculty, professional advisors, and peer leaders!


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