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The Beginning of your First Year

Accessing Your First Semester Schedule

We have worked all summer to put together a course registration based on your academic goals, schedule requests, placement testing, Advanced Placement, and other college credits. Your schedule will be available to you for review on Saturday, August 20. Please see the information on how to access the schedule in the "FAQs About Your Course Schedule" link below.

This may not be your ideal schedule but it has been designed specifically to help you meet your academic goals

Courses you requested may not have been available for a number of reasons and alternate courses certified for SAS Core learning goals or that address similar subjects were substituted. We adjusted your English, foreign language, and mathematics courses based on your placement tests. The results of these tests can be viewed on the Enrollment Pathway. Some courses may not be available to you because of your placement results (see Special Notes).

If you have a full-time schedule (12 credits) but would like to add more courses or make changes, you will be able to add, drop or change courses during the add/drop period in the first week of classes. In order for you to have a wider range of course options, you cannot make changes to the schedules until the add/drop period. During add/drop in the first week of classes many courses that are not available at this time will be open, and you will have the opportunity to attend and choose among different courses. During the Scarlet Knight Days orientation week, you will learn how to make changes to the schedule using the Rutgers web registration system. Plan to attend the special workshop on making schedule changes on Monday, September 5.


If you believe that your schedule contains an error that requires immediate attention, please follow this chart:

flowchart FAQs   FAQs  

When you email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. please be sure to include your full name and RUID.

You will be able to make changes to your schedule beginning on Wednesday, September 7.

Otherwise, please see this chart to better understand when and why preferential changes can be made.

On Monday, September 5, join us for a presentation on how to make preferential changes to your schedule. Please see below for times and locations.

Busch Residents and Commuters
11am Busch Student Center, Multipurpose Room
1pm Busch Student Center, Multipurpose Room
College Avenue Residents and Commuters
11am Scott Hall Room 135
1pm Scott Hall Room 135
Cook/Douglass Residents and Commuters
11am Douglass Student Center, Trayes Hall
1pm Douglass Student Center, Trayes Hall
Livingston Residents and Commuters
11am Beck Hall Auditorium
1pm Beck Hall Auditorium

In addition, advisers will be available from 8:30am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday, at each of the SAS Advising Centers during the first two weeks of the semester during the add/drop period to answer any questions or concerns. (Please note that offices are closed on Monday, September 5 in observance of Labor Day.)

Special Notes


Some courses require certain levels of English and math as co- or prerequisites and may not be included in the schedule if you did not place into the appropriate course:


Course Minimum Placement (Corequisite)
Computer Science 111 Calculus 1
Computer Science 112 Calculus 2
General Biology Expository Writing, Precalculus
Analytical Physics Calculus 1
Microeconomics Basic Composition (or higher)
Calculus 1


The Chemistry department has created a Chemistry placement based on your math placement results. Students may be placed into General Chemistry (161), Extended General Chemistry (GEM), Introduction to Chemistry (134), or No Chemistry Placement (NCP). If you are planning to take Chemistry at Rutgers, you will begin at the level of your placement. Students with a GEM placement may take either a section of 01:160:165 or a section of 134.


Math courses are determined on the basis of the math placement test and your selection of an appropriate math “track.” Below are notes on some courses (other math course descriptions are available at

  • There are two Precalculus courses (students are placed based on the placement test result):
    • Math 115 is a one-semester, 4-credit course.        
    • Math 111, Precalculus-Part I is a two-semester, 4-credit sequence.
    Math 111 and Math 011 are taken concurrently. Both courses count in your credit load for the fall term, and only Math 111 offers degree credit. Math 111/011 is followed by Precalculus-Part II (Math 112/012) in the spring term.
  • Math 107, Number and Operation for K-8 Teaching, is a 3-credit course designed for students who are interested in the teaching program in elementary or special education.           


All students must complete a writing course in the fall unless they received Advanced Placement credits for either English exam. Writing course placement is determined on the basis of your Critical Reading SAT or ACT score or writing placement test. All writing placements are checked by a first-day in-class writing sample; if you are concerned about your placement, please complete the first-day assignment and speak with the instructor about your concerns. The writing course may NOT be dropped for any reason, but you may change the time of your session by adding into a different open section of the course.

For descriptions of the writing placement courses, please see

If you still have questions after reviewing the FAQs, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please be patient as we are corresponding with lots of students! We look forward to welcoming you to Rutgers!


P 848-445-8888
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