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Specific options for continuation of study following Academic Suspension or Dismissal

Students Suspended or Dismissed from the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) are not eligible for continued enrollment without successful completion of Summer Session coursework. Students must meet all conditions stipulated and explained in the letter of Suspension or Dismissal. In documented extraordinary circumstances, students may submit an Academic Appeal. Students must be able to demonstrate readiness for successful academic work, the ability to raise their cumulative GPA to graduation level, and a realistic plan for completing degree requirements.

Students may be considered for continued enrollment by exercising one of the following options:

Grace Period Remediation Option

A Suspension (formerly a first dismissal) or a Dismissal (formerly a second dismissal) may be reversed if a student raises his or her cumulative GPA to the required standard by completing coursework during the Rutgers Summer Session immediately following the suspension of Dismissal.

Students who are able to raise their cumulative GPA sufficiently will be taken off of the Suspension or Dismissal List but may be placed on Warning or Probation for the upcoming Fall Semester, as determined by their term GPA in the preceding Spring Semester.

In some cases, when the cumulative GPA is low enough that the GPA cannot be raised to the required standard within the Summer Grace Period, it may be more beneficial to waive the grace period option in favor of Readmission (see below).

To use this or the Readmission option, complete and return this Intent to Continue Form



Students subject to Suspension who anticipate being unable to raise their cumulative GPA to the required level during the Summer Grace Period may choose to waive the Grace Period option in favor of readmission. In so choosing, students accept their Suspension but can still earn readmission for the upcoming academic year by meeting the following requirements: Students must complete six new degree credits (two courses) during the Rutgers Summer Session, and obtain a Summer Session GPA of 2.75 or higher by the end of the third Summer Session. Courses taken in pursuit of grace period remediation may also count toward fulfillment of the readmission option. If students choose to enroll in more than six credits of summer coursework, the full average for all summer coursework must be at least 2.75 to gain readmission.

Students who are successful in meeting the requirements for Readmission will be placed on Academic Probation with mandatory conditions and restrictions their next semester of enrollment and a notice of Academic Suspension will remain in the student's academic file.

Only students subject to suspension (formerly first dismissal) may utilize the Readmission option to recover eligibility for continued study at SAS.

To use this or the Grace Period option, complete and return this Intent to Continue Form



Students dismissed from the School of Arts and Sciences by the Committee on Scholastic Standing may appeal, in writing, within 10 days of the date of their initial letter of suspension or dismissal in spring, or by the posted submission deadlines. Click here for details on writing an appeal. Grounds for appeal include technical error or extenuating circumstances (e.g., severe medical problems or family crisis). Students are allowed to present information to the Committee only in writing. The letter of appeal must be written by the student, must state the reasons for the appeal, and should be accompanied by appropriate documentation and a completed Appeal Cover Sheet. Decisions of the Committee are final. Students are notified in writing within one week of the Committee's decision.


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