Office of Academic Services

Pass/No Credit Courses

Students who have completed 90 or more credits may take up to two courses (8 credits maximum, one course per semester) on a Pass/No Credit basis. Grades of A, B, and C correspond to Pass; grades of D and F to No Credit.

Pass/No Credit Policies

  • Only free elective courses may be taken on a pass/no credit basis. You may not select this option for a course being used to satisfy your major, minor, core curriculum goal, or other graduation credential. Courses that could potentially satisfy an unfulfilled requirement may not be taken pass/no credit.
  • Courses through Study Abroad may not be taken on a pass/no credit basis.
  • Honors seminars and department-based honors courses and honors sections of courses may not be taken on a pass/no credit basis.
  • Students pursuing a second degree through SAS may not use the pass/no credit option.
  • The pass/no credit option may be applied to only one course in each of your final two semesters before graduation.
  • Deadlines are binding. The pass/no credit option may not be rescinded once the deadline has passed.

Deadlines for Submission

  • Fall semester: September 30
  • Spring semester: February 20
  • Six-week summer session: 10th calendar day after class begins
  • Winter session courses may not be taken on a pass/no credit basis

Pass/No Credit Application Form 

The above restrictions do not apply to courses that are only offered on a pass/no credit basis.


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