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Transfer Courses

New to Rutgers?

If you are a new transfer student, all of the courses you've taken at your previous institutions will be evaluated by the staff in the SAS Transfer Center within several weeks after you accept our offer of admission.

If you are a new first year student, any transfer courses that you completed while in high school or over the summer before your first year will be evaluated by the SAS First Year Office by the middle of your first semester.

Already a Rutgers student, but interested in taking a course at another school?

Courses that are not taken at Rutgers-New Brunswick are considered transfer courses. In order to register for a course outside of Rutgers-New Brunswick, you'll need to fill out a Transfer Course Preapproval Form and have it approved by the appropriate Rutgers-NB department as well as the Office of Academic Services.

Transfer Course Forms

Transfer Course Preapproval Form

Please submit this form to request credit for courses outside of Rutgers-New Brunswick during the summer or winter semesters before the courses are taken and return it to any of the Advising Centers.

This preapproval form is for SAS Students ONLY. Students in other schools or colleges (like MGSA, Engineering, RBS, or SEBS) must contact their own academic services office for information on transfer course preapproval.


Transfer Course Departmental Evaluation Form

Please download this form for courses that you have already taken at another college or university. Departmental evaluation may be necessary to determine what course number or code to give to courses that have been transferred to Rutgers University. When complete, you may turn it in to any of the Academic Advising Centers.

NOTE: This form is not applicable for NJ Community College courses. NJ Community College courses have already been pre-evaluated on

For more information, please see the following:

FAQs about Transfer Course Preapprovals

1. What happens if I don't submit a preapproval form?

You're taking a big risk that the class you take will not be transferable in your specific situation. Don't risk it! Submit a preapproval request for each class you would like to take outside of Rutgers-New Brunswick and wait for a response via email from the Transfer Center.

2. I want to take an online class. Is that okay?

Probably! Like all other classes, you'll need to obtain departmental preapproval.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), including those taught through Coursera, are not transferable to SAS.

3. I want to take a class but I don't have the Rutgers prerequisite. My county college doesn't have the same prerequisite. Can I take it there instead?

NO! You must meet the eligibility requirements to take a class at Rutgers-New Brunswick in order to be granted preapproval to take it anyplace else.

4. I want to take classes at my county college to improve my GPA. How do I do that?

Actually, you can't do that. All transfer courses transfer with credits only. Grades do not ever transfer between one academic institution and another.

5. What is the minimum grade I need to obtain to transfer my summer class?

You need to earn at least a grade of "C". Note that a grade of C- is not transferable.

6. Does my county college automatically send Rutgers my transcript after I complete the course?

No, you need to request to have it sent to the following address:

SAS Transfer Center
Lucy Stone Hall, Room A-204
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
54 Joyce Kilmer Avenue
Piscataway, NJ 08854

The transcript sent or hand-delivered must be an official transcript. If hand-delivered, it must be in an unopened envelope from the sending institution with the registrar's seal or stamp across the flap.


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