Natural Sciences Requirement

Two courses, each degree credit-bearing and worth at least 3 credits, chosen from: Astrophysics (105), Chemistry (160), Geological Sciences (460), Life Sciences (119, 146, 447, 694), Marine and Coastal Sciences (628), Meteorology (670), and Physics (750), plus a list of select courses in other science disciplines.

The following list consists of courses in the Natural Sciences which are pathways to further scientific work. Upper-level courses in these and related subject areas provide additional opportunities to deepen the scientific understanding emphasized here. Independent study, internships, and research courses may not be used to fulfill this requirement.

Students pursuing majors or minors in Astronomy, Astrophysics, Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Biomathematics, Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Chemistry, Ecology and Natural Resources, Evolutionary Anthropology, Genetics, Geology, Medical Technology, Marine and Coastal Sciences, Microbiology, or Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Meteorology, and Physics will meet this distribution requirement during the completion of their major/minor and need not be concerned about taking a particular course from this list.

Anthropology - Evolutionary Option
01:070:102 Introduction to Human Evolution
01:070:111 Extinction
01:070:204 Introduction to Social Evolution
01:070:212 Survey of the Living Primates
01:070:213 Environment and Human Evolution
01:070:215 Survey of Fossil Primates
01:070:240 Introduction to Molecular Evolutionary Anthropology
01:070:325 Evolution and Culture
01:070:328 Evolution and Cooperation
01:070:336 Primatology, Wildlife Ecology, and Conservation in Kenya
01:070:337 Field Methods and Analysis in Primatology in Kenya
01:070:348 Primate Socioecology
01:070:349 Advanced Physical Anthropology
01:070:350 Primatology and Human Evolution
01:070:354 Functional and Developmental Anatomy of the Primate Skeleton
01:070:356 Human Variation
01:070:358 Introduction to Human Osteology
01:070:359 Human Osteology Laboratory
01:070:390 Plio-Pleistocene Hominid Anatomy
01:070:397 Paleoanthropology
01:070:398 Field Research and Methods in Paleoanthropology
01:070:402 Theories in Physical Anthropology
01:070:420 Evolutionary Genetics: Humans and Other Primates
Biological Sciences
01:119:1** All 100-level courses of 3 or more credits
01:160:1** All 100-level courses of 3 or more credits
Cognitive Science
01:185:201 Cognitive Science: A Multidisciplinary Introduction
01:185:411 Advanced Topics in Cognitive Science I
01:185:412 Advanced Topics in Cognitive Science II
01:185:495 Research in Cognitive Science I
01:450:101 Earth Systems
01:450:102 Transforming the Global Environment
01:450:140 The Greenhouse Effect
01:450:370 Global and Regional Climate Change
Geological Sciences
01:460:1** All 100-level courses of 3 or more credits
01:460:2** All 200-level courses of 3 or more credits
01:460:303 Paleontology
01:460:305 Evolution and Geologic Time
01:460:307 Structural Geology
01:460:330 Sedimentary Geology
01:460:331 Fundamentals of Mineralogy and Petrology
01:460:394 Microstratigraphic Analysis in Archaeology
01:460:396 Geochronology in Geosciences and Anthropology
Interdisciplinary Studies (no major or minor offered)
01:556:101 Studies in Biomedical Sciences
01:556:140 The Greenhouse Effect
01:556:143 Energy and Climate Change
01:556:201 Studies in Biomedical Sciences
Marine and Coastal Sciences
11:628:1** All 100-level courses of 3 or more credits
11:628:2** All 200-level courses of 3 or more credits
01:670:101 Elements of Meteorology
01:670:102 Elements of Climatology
01:750:1** All 100-level courses of three or more credits
01:750:2** All 200-level courses of three or more credits
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
11:067:142 Animal Science
11:375:101 Introduction to Environmental Sciences
11:375:102 Soils and Society
11:375:103 Introduction to Environmental Health
11:400:103 Science of Food
11:704:101 Introduction to Ecology and Evolution
11:704:351 Principles of Applied Ecology
11:709:201 Introduction to Foods and Nutrition
11:709:255 Nutrition and Health
11:776:170 Plants and People

Advanced upper-level courses whose prerequisites fulfill this requirement are not listed. In the unusual case that a student receives special permission to register for such an upper-level course without having received credit for the prerequisite course(s), and successfully completes it, the upper-level course will be accepted in lieu of the prerequisite course. Such students should see an academic advisor to have this noted correctly in their records.