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Writing Requirement

Expository Writing 101 and one additional course, degree credit-bearing and worth at least 3 credits, from a list of approved courses.

Expository Writing (01:355:101)

Students receiving a score of 4 or above on the AP English composition or literature tests are exempted from Expository Writing 101, and for such students the writing requirement becomes a one-course requirement. Transfer credits from courses taken in high school will not satisfy this requirement, even if they carry a college transcript.

Beginning with the writing course identified by the Department of English, students must register for and complete composition courses in consecutive terms, with no hiatus, until they have passed 01:355:101 Expository Writing. Once a student matriculates at SAS, all writing courses must be completed at Rutgers-New Brunswick.

SAS Approved Writing Intensive Course List

Writing courses on the approved list consist of courses nominated by departments. Such courses are above the 100 level, require 15 pages or more of writing in English (excluding exams), including at least one sustained piece of analytical or interpretive prose, and provide regular detailed feedback on writing.

Africana Studies
01:014:490 Seminar in Africana Studies
American Studies
01:050:389 Junior Seminar in American Studies
01:070:323 Women Writing Culture
01:070:372 Anthropology of the Body
01:070:402 Theories in Physical Anthropology
01:070:406 Rights and Wrongs of Indigenous Peoples
01:070:417 Writing Ethnography
Art History
01:082:302 Introduction to Contemporary Art
01:082:325 Chinese Painting
01:082:357 Art and Literature of the Soviet Period and the Varieties of Nonconformism
01:082:358 Special Topics in Russian Studies
01:082:403 Approaches to Art History
01:082:450 Seminar: Major Italian Renaissance Artists and Themes
01:082:454 Seminar: Major Baroque Artists and Themes
01:082:480 Buddhist Cave Temples of China
01:082:483 From Text to Image in Japanese Art
01:082:484 Seminar in Ancient Art
01:082:486 Special Topics in Medieval Art History
01:082:487 Special Topics in Modern Art
01:082:491 Seminar in Art History
01:082:492 Seminar in Art History
01:082:499 Advanced Seminar in Art History
Arts and Sciences
01:090:295, 296 SAS Honors Seminar (only these course numbers, not other SAS Honors Seminars)
Asian Studies
01:098:241 East Asian Civilizations: Traditional Era
01:098:242 East Asian Civilizations: Modern Era
01:098:245 Global East Asia
01:098:262 Asian American Experience: Identity and Ethnicity
01:098:321 Interdisciplinary Topics in South Asia
01:098:322 Selected Interdisciplinary Topics in East Asia
01:098:444 Seminar on Asian Societies
01:165:210 Characteristics of the Chinese Language
01:165:220 Chinese Classics and Thought: I-Ching, Taoism, and Confucianism
01:165:241 Chinese Literature in Translation I: Prose and Poetry
01:165:242 Chinese Literature in Translation II: Popular Fiction and Drama
01:165:262 The Chinese Cinema
01:165:264 Chinese Drama and Performing Arts
01:165:310 Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature in Translation
01:165:341 Major Traditions in Chinese Thought
01:165:342 Major Traditions in Chinese Thought
01:190:310 Augustun Rome (formerly Literature and Culture in Augustan Rome)
01:190:312 The Search for the Historical Socrates
01:190:315 Latin Poets in English
01:190:320 Women in Antiquity
01:190:322 Greek Political Philosophy
01:190:350 Greek Society
01:190:353 Aristotle
01:190:381 Greek Drama in Translation
01:190:391 Roman Drama in Translation
04:192:346 Intercultural Communication
04:192:354 Mediated Communication Theory
04:192:359 Persuasive Communication
04:192:380 Public Speaking
04:192:390 Approaches to Leadership
04:192:405 Communication and Gender
04:192:407 Health Communication
04:192:408 Health Message and Campaign Design
04:192:409 Public Relations Management
04:192:422 Communication and Facilitation
04:192:432 Mediated Communication in Society
04:192:434 Intercultural Communication Workshop
04:192:441 Communication and Human Values
04:192:443 Nonverbal Communication
04:192:444 Language, Behavior, and Communication
04:192:446 Communication and Social Change
04:192:449 Telecommunication Processes and Policy
04:192:457 Administrative Communication
04:192:458 Leadership in Groups and Organizations
04:192:461 Advanced Interpersonal and Small-Group Communication
04:192:466 Audience and Market Analysis
04:192:470 Research in Communication
04:192:471 Content Analysis
04:192:472 Topics in Communication I
04:192:473 Topics in Communication II
04:192:474 Topics in Communication III
04:192:476 Advanced Communication Theory
04:192:478 Family Communication
04:192:481 Advanced Seminar in Communication Theory and Research
Comparative Literature
01:195:201 Literature Across Borders
01:195:203 Masterworks of Western Literature
01:195:216 Introduction to World Literatures in English
01:195:244 Introduction to Myth
01:195:245 Introduction to Folklore
01:195:250 Comparative Approaches to African Literatures
01:195:261 Introduction to Theater
01:195:304 Fiction and Ideology
01:195:309 Major Literary Trends
01:195:354 The Nineteenth-Century Novel
Computer Science
01:198:405 Seminar in Computers and Society
East Asian Languages and Area Studies
01:214:241 East Asian Civilizations: Traditional Era
01:214:242 East Asian Civilizations: Modern Era
01:214:245 Global East Asia
01:214:310 Writing and Literacy in East Asia
01:214:338 Religious Themes in East Asian Literature
01:350:219 Principles of Literary Study
01:350:220 Principles of Literary Study
01:350:354 Nineteenth Century British Fiction
01:350:4** All 400 level courses – does not include independent study or honors/senior thesis courses
01:351:4** All courses 400-492 – does not include independent study and honors/senior thesis courses
01:353:4** All 400 level courses
01:354:420 Seminar: Film Theory
English: Composition and Writing
01:355:201 Research in the Disciplines
01:355:202 Technical Writing Essentials
01:355:203 Business Writing Essentials
01:355:301 College Writing and Research
01:355:302 Scientific and Technical Writing
01:355:303 Writing for Business and the Professions
01:355:312 Writing for Biology and Natural Science
01:355:315 Writing Grant Proposals
01:355:322 Writing for Engineers
01:355:342 Science Writing
01:355:352 Writing as a Naturalist
01:355:355 Writing in the Professions
01:355:365 Technical Editing
01:355:375 Collaborative Writing Practices
01:355:402 Advanced Writing Workshop
European Studies
01:360:401 The Idea of Europe: 18th Century to the Present
01:420:214 Composition and Stylistics
01:420:215 Aspects of French Literature
01:420:216 Aspects of French Literature
01:420:217 Approaches to French Literature (Honors)
01:420:218 Approaches to French Literature (Honors)
01:420:241 Major French Writers in Translation
01:420:242 Major French Writers in Translation
01:420:260 The Theater of France (in English)
01:447:410 Research in Genetics - Writing Intensive
01:447:414 Thesis Writing and Communication in Genetics
01:447:415 Thesis Writing and Communication in Genetics
01:447:430 Effective Communication Skills in Genetics
01:447:484 Behavioral and Neural Genetics
01:447:495 Cancer
01:450:330 Geographical Methods
01:450:405 Political Geography
01:450:406 Advanced Topics in Economic Geography
01:450:413 Climate System and Global Climate Change
01:450:419 Advanced Conservation and Use of Natural Resources
01:450:470 History and Theory of Geography
01:450:491 Geographic Problems
01:450:492 Geographic Problems
Geological Sciences
01:460:341 Stratigraphy
01:460:408 Geomorphology
01:460:410 Field Geology
01:470:301 Introduction to Literary and Cultural Analysis
01:470:302 Introduction to Literary and Cultural Analysis
01:470:349 Contemporary German Cinema
01:470:350 The Nazi Period in Film
01:470:364 Big Bang: The Literature of Chaos and Order
01:470:370 Germany Confronts the Holocaust
01:506:201 20th Century Global History to 1945
01:506:202 20th Century Global History from 1945
01:506:211 Women in Europe and the Americas until 1800
01:506:212 Women in Europe and the Americas since 1800
01:506:495 Honors Program in History
01:508:200 Ancient Near East
01:508:201 Islamic Civilization
01:508:220 Ancient Africa
01:508:222 Modern Africa
01:506:3**-4**       01:508:3**-4**
All 300 and 400 level history courses except for the following: 506:436, 506:451, 506:452, 506:495 and 506:496 and less than 3 credits or E credits
Information Technology and Informatics
04:547:340 Gender and Technology
01:560:250 Italian Composition and Stylistics
01:560:496 Honors in Italian
Jewish Studies
01:563:325 Hebrew Prophets
01:563:408 Sociology of American Jewish Religious Movements
01:563:464 Jewish Studies Seminar
01:565:241 Japanese Literature in Translation
01:565:242 Modern Japanese Literature in Translation
01:565:250 Language and Society in Japan
01:565:315 Japanese Literature and the Atomic Bomb
01:565:317 Love, Honor, and Suicide in Japanese Lit
01:565:320 The Samurai Tradition in Japanese Literature and Film
01:565:350 Japanese Film
01:565:360 Japanese Women Writers
01:565:370 Community and Difference in Japanese Literature and Film
01:565:460 Seminar in Japanese Film
01:565:483 From Text to Image in Japanese Art
Journalism and Media Studies
04:567:310 Broadcast Newswriting
04:567:324 News Reporting and Writing
04:567:325 Writing and Editing for Print Media
04:567:326 Advanced Reporting
04:567:327 Public Information and Public Affairs
04:567:410 Magazine Writing
04:567:473 Seminar in Journalism and Media Studies
04:567:495 Investigative and In-depth Reporting
01:574:210 Introduction to Korean Culture
01:574:220 Korean Literature in Translation I
01:574:221 Korean Literature in Translation II
01:574:230 Introduction to Korean Cinema and Cinematic Language
01:574:250 Korean Language in Culture and Society
Labor Studies
37:575:201 Development of the Labor Movement
37:575:202 Development of the Labor Movement
37:575:300 Writing in Labor Studies & Employment Relations
37:575:362 The Work-Education Connection
01:640:436 History of  Mathematics
Middle Eastern Studies
01:685:356 Islamic Mysticism
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
01:694:489 Literature Research in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
01:694:490 Literature Research in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
01:694:495 Honors Laboratory Research
01:730:252 Eating Right: The Ethics of Food Choices and Food Policy
01:730:397 Junior Advanced Seminar
01:730:401 Plato
01:730:402 Aristotle 
01:730:403 Ancient Philosophy After Aristotle
01:730:404 Spinoza
01:730:405 Kant 
01:730:406 19th Century Philosophy 
01:730:409 Wittgenstein 
01:730:410 History of Analytic Philosophy
01:730:411 History of Epistemology
01:730:412 Epistemology
01:730:413 Social Epistemology
01:730:414 History of Metaphysics
01:730:415 Metaphysics
01:730:418 Philosophy of Mind
01:730:419 Philosophy of Perception
01:730:420 Philosophy of Language
01:730:421 Semantics for Natural Languages
01:730:422 Philosophy of Logic
01:730:425 Philosophy of Science
01:730:427 Philosophy of Social Sciences
01:730:428 Topics in the Philosophy of Psychology
01:730:429 Philosophy of Biology
01:730:435 Philosophy of History
01:730:441 Ethical Theory
01:730:445 Topics in Social and Political Philosophy
01:730:450 Topics in Moral Philosophy
01:730:459 Advanced Seminar in Ethics
01:730:461 Topics in Aesthetics
01:730:465 Phenomenology and Existentialism
01:730:470 Buddhist Philosophy
01:730:475 Advanced Topics in Philosophy
01:730:480 Issues in Contemporary Philosophy
01:730:492 Philosophy Writing Tutorial
Political Science
01:790:395 Political Science Seminar
01:790:396 Political Science Seminar
01:790:411 Advanced Studies in Law II
01:810:240 The Luso-Hispanic Dialogue: Multiple Perspectives
01:810:241 The Portuguese-Speaking World: A Literary Introduction for English
01:810:242 The Portuguese-Speaking World: A Literary Introduction for English
01:830:300 Research Methods in Psychology
01:830:302 Sensation and Perception Lab with pre- or co-req: 01:830:301
01:830:304 Memory Lab with pre- or co-req: 01:830:303
01:830:306 Cognition Lab with pre- or co-req: 01:830:305
01:830:312 Conditioning and Learning Lab with pre- or co-req: 01:830:311
01:830:314 Physiological Psychology Lab with pre- or co-req: 01:830:313
01:830:316 Comparative Psychology Lab with pre- or co-req: 01:830:315
01:830:323 Research Methods in Social Psychology
01:830:327 Small Groups Lab with pre- or co-req: 01:830:326
01:830:332 Infant and Child Development Lab with pre- or co-req: 01:830:331
01:830:341 Abnormal Psychology Lab with pre- or co-req: 01:830:340
01:830:343 Research in Personality Lab with pre- or co-req: 01:830:342
01:830:349 Psychological Tests and Measurements Lab with pre- or co-req: 01:830:348
01:830:352 Psychology of Language Lab with pre- or co-req: 01:830:351
01:830:402 Advanced Topics in Human Cognition - WI
01:830:409 Reasoning, Problem Solving, and Decision Making - WI
01:830:411 Advanced Topics in Psychobiology - WI
01:830:422 Advanced Topics in Social Psychology - WI
01:830:432 Advanced Topics in Developmental Psychology - WI
01:830:442 Advanced Topics in Personality Psychology - WI
01:830:452 Advanced Topics in Clinical and Abnormal Psychology - WI
01:830:456 Positive Psychology - WI
01:830:464 Behavioral Pharmacology - WI
01:830:471 History of Psychology - WI
01:830:481 Topics in Visual Perception - WI
01:830:495 Advanced Research in Psychology - WI
01:830:496 Advanced Research in Psychology - WI
Public Health
10:832:339 Public Health Literature
01:840:240 Love as Ethic and Idea
01:840:301 Ancient Near Eastern Religions
01:840:302 Cultural Context of the Old Testament
01:840:303 Hebrew Prophets: Social and Religious Thoughts
01:840:305 Apocalypse: Religious Movements and the End of Time
01:840:307 Jesus
01:840:309 John
01:840:314 The Origins of Western Morality
01:840:323 Buddhism
01:840:324 Chinese Religions
01:840:328 Shi'i Islam
01:840:346 Sexuality in the Western Religious Traditions
01:840:347 War, Peace, and Violence in Western Religious Thought
01:840:352 Religion and Science
01:840:356 Sufism: Mystical Islam
01:860:327 The Russian Novel I
01:860:330 Dostoevsky
01:860:332 Russian Poetry
01:860:335 Landscapes of the Mind: Country and City in Russian Literature and Art
01:860:433 Pushkin and His Age
01:860:435 Gender and Sexuality in Russian Literature (formerly Social Construction of Gender and Sexuality in Russian Literature)
Social Work
09:910:312 Social Welfare Policy and Services II
09:910:498 Special Topics in Social Work
19:910:502 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I
19:910:503 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II
01:920:198 Sociology Honors Seminar
01:920:240 Normality and Abnormality
01:920:298 Sociology Honors Seminar
01:920:311 Introduction to Social Research
01:920:313 Development of Sociological Theory
01:920:314 Contemporary Sociological Theories
01:920:398 Sociology Honors Seminar
01:920:406 Sociology of Religion
01:920:408 Sociology of American Jewish Religious Movements
01:920:410 Sociology of Alcohol Problems
01:920:413 Seminar in Criminology
01:920:421 Seminar in Sociology
01:920:422 Seminar in Sociology
01:920:428 Sociology of Cities and Suburbs
01:920:432 Studies in Family
01:920:434 Social Science and Public Policy
01:920:435 Immigrant Minorities in the United States
01:920:438 Sociology of Age
01:920:440 Sexuality and Society
01:920:441 Seminar in the Sociology of Higher Ed
01:920:442 Mass Media and Popular Culture
01:920:461 Sociology of Selected Institutions
01:920:462 Sociology of Selected Institutions
01:920:464 Art and Society
01:920:470 Seminar in the Sociology of Gender
01:920:471 Social Structures and Personal
01:920:489 The American Working Class
01:920:491 Advanced Seminar in Sociology
01:920:492 Advanced Seminar in Sociology
South Asian Studies
01:925:323 Buddhism
01:940:240 The Luso-Hispanic Dialogue: Multiple Perspectives
01:940:241 Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature in Translation
01:940:242 Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature in Translation
01:940:303 Language and U.S. Latino/a Culture
01:940:345 Spanish Film-English
01:940:347 Latin American Cinema-English
01:940:351 Women Writers of the Hispanic World-English
01:940:445 Cervantes in Translation
01:940:446 Contemporary Latin American Literature in Translation
01:940:452 Readings in U.S. Latino/a Literature and Culture
Women's and Gender Studies
01:988:370 Feminist Inquiry
01:988:371 Making change
01:988:372 Contemporary Feminist Activism
01:988:428 Gender, Public Policy, and the Law
01:988:429 Engendering Development
01:988:440 Sexuality and Society
01:988:470 Seminar in the Sociology of Gender
01:988:480 Ethics & Leadership
01:988:481 Gender, Visual Politics, and Cultural Policy
01:988:482 Feminism, Policy, and the Poor
01:988:485 Motherhood:  Nature & Culture, Policy and Politics
01:988:486 Gender, Development, Environment:  Policies, Politics, Perspectives
01:988:487 The Language of Women's Health & Health Policy
01:988:490 Seminar:  Women and Contemporary Issues
01:988:491 Seminar in Women's & Gender Studies
01:988:495 Seminar:  Topics in Feminist Theory
01:988:496 Seminar:  Topics in Feminist Theory


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