Life Sciences & Health Career Consortium

Life Sciences and Health careers include jobs in medicine and healthcare, pharmaceuticals, natural resources, food, environmental remediation and conservation, animal welfare, biological research, and more. Many of these jobs (or related graduate programs) are open to students from a variety of majors.

Life Sciences and Health Career Consortium FALL 2020 EVENTS

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Learn from and meet alumni (coming soon in Handshake):

  • 110/22 Food & Agriculture;Environmental & Natural Resources;
  • 10/26 Life Sciences (Pharma, research) & Health
  • 11/4 - Alternative Science Careers (SEBS/SAS)
  • 11/10 - The Struggle is Real: Overcoming Challenges on the Path to Medical/Veterinary School (SAS/SEBS)

Other upcoming workshops and events:

  • 9/23 Health professions office (HPO) 1st and 2nd year open house
  • 10/13 & 11/17: SEBS Science Cafes (See link above)
  • 10/19 - Internships in the Health Professions (Handshake)
  • 10/23 HPO town hall: Physical Therapy, Nursing, and other
  • 11/19 HPO medical dental application assistance


Register for HPO Events and see an online introduction to their services at:

pdfDownload the Fall 2020 Events Flyer.

The Life Sciences and Health Career Success Consortium is a partnership between programs and departments at the School of Arts and Sciences School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, the Health Professions
Office; and the Office of Career Exploration and Success