When you have two or more consecutive semesters with a term GPA lower than 2.00, you will be placed on Academic Probation. You will also be placed on Academic Probation if you are reenrolled following an Academic Suspension, either in this academic year or a previous one. This Probation category typically carries additional conditions that have to be met in order for you to progress to the Spring term.  You may be required to participate in programs designed to help you return to Satisfactory Standing. Failure to comply with the conditions of Probation may result in further restrictions on registration or Academic Suspension or Dismissal.


  • A course and credit limit not to exceed 16 credits. We strongly advise meeting with an SAS Academic Advisor, before registering for classes, to discuss whether a lighter course load is a better option.
  • Only graduating Seniors and students with extenuating circumstances relating to financial aid standards of satisfactory progress may petition for exemption. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you believe this applies to you.


  • You must earn a 2.00 or higher term average to be removed from Probation.
  • You may be subject to mandatory advising requirements. Information on how to schedule an appointment is here.
  • If reenrolled on probation after suspension or dismissal, you may be required to achieve a term average of at least 2.00 or re-mediate your cumulative GPA to that of your Graduated GPA Standard to progress to the Spring. If you fail to do this, SAS reserves the right to rescind your reenrollment and to sustain your previous Suspension.  You would then have to sit out the Spring Term and apply for Conditional Reenrollment in the Summer.
  • Note: Reenrollment is not guaranteed. Each application will be determined based on academic history and the viability of successful degree completion.
  • Reenrolled students will be required to complete either the Academic Success Seminar, group advising sessions, or another item of retention programming. Details will be given in your Probation notice letter.