Student Services

Rutgers offers many programs aimed at enhancing student learning by providing academic support and student development programs. The following are available to students:

Career Services

Career Services

University Career Services is committed to assisting students with making connections between their academic experience and career paths. We provide career-related counseling, resources, and programs to help individuals clarify academic and career goals, establish career plans, develop job-search skills, and make successful career transitions. We build relationships with alumni, employers, and graduate schools to optimize internship, job, and career opportunities while also creating strategic partnerships with campus departments to assist students in developing and articulating co-curricular experiences that will help to ensure they are competitive in their future pursuits.

Center for Social Justice

social justiceThe Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities (SJE) promotes a supportive environment for students of all backgrounds, with a focus on gender and sexuality, while promoting both social and educational opportunities for leadership, identity, and social justice advocacy development. With a critical understanding of multiple identities and connected systems of oppression, SJE works collaboratively with students, faculty, administrators, staff and community members to develop relevant initiatives and policies that center diversity, inclusion, and intersections of identity.


Counseling, ADAP, and Psychiatric Services (CAPS)

concernedCounseling, Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance Program & Psychiatric Services (CAPS) was created in September, 2006, by joining the major mental health services on campus into one organization, as part of the Rutgers Health Service. CAPS now includes Counseling Services, Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) and Psychiatric Services. CAPS is committed to creating a safe, comfortable, welcoming and affirming environment for students.

Cultural Collaborative

CulturalThe Cultural Center Collaborative, within The Division of Student Affairs, is committed to supporting the needs of Rutgers’ campus communities by creating a welcoming and holistic learning environment for all members of the community, inclusive of all identities and allies. The Paul Robeson Cultural Center, the Center for Latino Arts and Culture, the Center for Social Justice Education & LGBT Communities, and the Asian American Cultural Center come together to form the Cultural Center Collaborative. While maintaining distinct and individual center identities, we are grounded in a shared belief that ending one oppression requires ending all oppressions.

Dean of Students

DOS buldingThe Dean of Students Office at Rutgers University-New Brunswick provides solutions, services, and support to help students navigate Rutgers University.  By focusing on students’ educational, social, and personal development, staff in the Office promote academic success and student retention.  The Office serves as a student support network by providing advocacy, problem resolution, and critical incident intervention for those times when additional assistance is needed.

Disability Services

disabilityThe Office of Disability Services is dedicated to the philosophy that all Rutgers University students are assured equal opportunity, access and participation in the University’s courses, programs, activities, services and facilities.  We recognize that diverse abilities are a source of strength, empowerment, and enrichment for the entire university community and we are committed to the elimination of physical, instructional, and attitudinal barriers by promoting awareness and understanding throughout the university community.

Learning Centers

RLCThe Learning Centers offer a variety of tutoring, study group, and academic coaching services. Their programs serve a diverse population of students through co-curricular and in-class support, formal instruction, and professional development. Capitalizing on the success of peer-led practices, they craft student-centered services that instill leadership and strengthen the professional growth of their student employees. Their active learning spaces create a community of learners by stimulating collaboration among peers, faculty, and staff.


odasisThe Office for Diversity and Academic Success in the Sciences (ODASIS) is an academic support unit within the Division of Life Sciences at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. The goal of ODASIS is to increase the recruitment and academic success of underrepresented students, as well as educationally and economically disadvantaged students, who are interested in pursuing careers in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics professions. ODASIS intends to improve the percentage of underrepresented students entering the scientific fields by encouraging academic achievement in the sciences through unique and rigorous academic support.

Office of Veteran and Military Programs and Services

veteranThe Office of Veteran and Military Programs and Services (OVMPS) at Rutgers University is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition and supportive environment for our students who have served in the United States Armed Forces, and their families, throughout their college careers. OVMPS collaborates with departments across the Rutgers University system to guarantee our student veterans and military service members are able to take full advantage of the broad range of intellectual and cultural activities offered on our campuses. 


pals homeThe mission of Program in American Language Studies, New Brunswick (PALS-NB) is to provide high quality English language instruction to non-native English speakers for academic, professional, business, and social/acculturation purposes. PALS-NB strives not only to foster students' language competency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening, but also to develop students' cultural understanding of the world at large and in particular, of the United States.


RUInfo3472 bnrRU-info, a service of Campus Information Services, is the primary source of general information for prospective and current students, faculty, staff, visitors, and other guests of the Rutgers community. Staffed by Information Assistants, highly trained, service-oriented students, the call center helps you find the answers you need about all things Rutgers. Be sure to check out the RU-info Video Update during the semester on FacebookYouTube, or RU-tv Channel 23.1.

Rutgers Global- International Student and Scholar Services

globalRutgers Global is your destination for the tools and resources you need to advance your global or international experience at Rutgers. Rutgers Global provides Rutgers community members with the opportunities, programs, resources, and services they need to advance their global experience: study abroad, funding opportunities for international research, visa and immigration processing for international students and scholars, international student academic support, and cross-cultural events and discussions.

Rutgers Students with Children

swc logoRutgers Students with Children is an organization of dedicated scholars who appreciate the privilege of an education and feel it should be available to all, including those whose success is important for two generations. The Institute for Women's Policy Research estimates that up to 26% of the undergraduate population is made up of student parents nationwide. The aim of RSWC is to build community, visibility, and support for Rutgers Students with Children.


saseofSchool of Arts and Sciences Educational Opportunity Fund (SAS EOF) Program is committed to providing access and opportunity to academically under-prepared students from low income backgrounds and communities generally under-represented in higher education. The SAS EOF program endeavors to attract students who demonstrate a high level of academic motivation, the drive to overcome personal and financial problems, and the vision to establish career goals which, when obtained, moves them out of poverty and into the country’s economic mainstream.

Student Access and Educational Equity

Student Access Equity

Student Access and Educational Equity, created in 2013, developed an area mission that embodies the work of all units within advising, tutoring, and undergraduate research opportunities to improve student persistence and graduation from high school to college, and beyond.