Internships are ONE WAY to gain hands-on experience to help you transition to a career. They offer the chance to earn credit for your work with an employer and to reflect on how your work tasks connect to your academic learning. Many, though not all, internships require experience FIRST.  Class and personal projects, on-campus jobs, volunteer opportunities, research and part-time jobs offer opportunities to gain pre-professional experience that can help you access internships and jobs. 

Most of the time, you will need to find and apply for the internship opportunity on your own. Some programs offer placement assistance, though this is usually for programs that require an internship for degree completion. Access your RU Handshake account to look for internships.

Before you begin, though, the Internship process starts with you reviewing the different ways to complete an internship for credit.  Once you have selected the best option, you must apply for the internship course by the deadline.

Internship credits may appear on your transcript in one of these ways: