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Career Readiness Graphic 9.23.19
The Core Curriculum, majors and minors, and co-curricular experiences at SAS build the Career Readiness Skills that allow graduates to navigate effectively in the current and future world of work – and employers agree! 

How can you move from a French and Political Science major to a job in finance consulting that allows you to travel to France frequently? As alumni know, its about learning how to talk about  the skills you are learning here at SAS, gaining hands-on experience through clubs, research, internships, etc.; and networking with alumni. 

The 1.5 Career Explorations in Arts and Sciences (01:090:210) course can help you get started.

Register here today. 

"This [informational] interview was helpful to me because Mrs. X had the same major I have now and she is using the skills in a field that is unrelated to her major. It ties back to the concept of transferable skills that we have been discussing all semester [in the Career Explorations in Arts and Sciences Course]. Knowing that she uses anthropological reasoning to understand the people she works with and to write incident reports makes me feel more hopeful for when I finally decide on a field." - Sophomore, Anthropology Major (2018).