Cognitive Skills and Processes: Writing and Communication; Quantitative and Formal Reasoning; Information Technology and ResearchFor students who entered spring 19 or earlier.  Students must take one degree credit-bearing course that meets one or both of these goals.

  • Employ current technologies to access and evaluate information, to conduct research, and to communicate findings.
  • Understand the principles that underlie information systems.

SAS Core courses taught each semester are available to view in the Schedule of Classes. After selecting a semester, New Brunswick, and Undergraduate and hitting "Continue", choose the tab on the left labeled "Core Code". The dropdown list will show each of the SAS Core codes. After selecting one of the options, courses will appear from all departments that fulfill that SAS Core goal.

Course # Course Title Credits Core Codes
African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian Languages and Literatures
01:013:305 Languages in Peril (formerly African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian Languages in Peril) 3 CCO, ITR
01:070:207 Prehistoric Archaeology of Europe  3 WCr or WCd, ITR
Asian Studies
01:098:444 Seminar on East Asian Societies  3 WCr or WCd, ITR
Computer Science
01:198:105 Great Insights in Computer Science 3 QR, ITR
01:198:107 Computing for Math and the Sciences 3 QR, ITR
01:198:110 Introduction to Computers and Their Applications 3 QR, ITR
01:198:111 Introduction to Computer Science 4 QQ or QR, ITR
01:198:142 Data 101 3 CCO, QQ or QR, ITR
01:198:143 Data 101 3 CCO, QQ or QR, ITR
01:198:170 Computer Applications for Business 3 QR, ITR
01:351:209 Creative Writing: Introduction to Multimedia Composition 3 AHr, ITR
01:351:314 Documentary Filmmaking for Writers 3 ITR
(was 01:351:312)
Digital Literary Studies 3 ITR
01:447:203 Honors Computational Genetics 3 ITR
01:447:302 Quantitative Biology and Bioinformatics 3 ITR
01:447:303 Computational Genetics of Big Data 3 ITR
01:447:315 Introduction to Research in Genetics 3 ITR
01:447:406 Research in Genetics 3-6 ITR
01:447:407 Research in Genetics 3-6 ITR
01:447:408 Honors in Genetics 3-6 ITR
01:447:409 Honors in Genetics 3-6 ITR
01:450:208 Maps, Power, and the Digital World 3 ITR, CCO
01:450:321 Geographic Information Systems 3 QR, ITR
01:450:322 Remote Sensing 3 WCd, ITR
01:450:355 Principles of Cartography 3 WCd, ITR
01:450:370 Climate Change and Society 3 CCO, ITR
Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies
01:595:215 Research Methods in Latino and Caribbean Studies 3 ITR
01:640:251 Multivariable Calculus 4 ITR
Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
01:694:214 Introduction to Molecular Biology Research 3 ITR
01:694:215 Honors Introduction to Research in Molecular Biology 3 ITR
01:694:315 Introduction to Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Research 3 ITR
01:694:316 Honors Introduction to Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics Research 4 ITR
Political Science
01:790:300 Introduction to Political Science Methods 3 QQ, ITR
01:830:358 Exploring the Science of Perception and Cognition 3 ITR
01:920:312 Introduction to Statistics in Sociology 4 QQ or QR, ITR
01:960:211 Statistics I  3 QQ or QR, ITR
01:960:212 Statistics II  3 QQ or QR, ITR
01:960:285 Introductory Statistics for Business  3 QQ or QR, ITR
01:960:401 Basic Statistics for Research  3 QQ or QR, ITR
Communication and Information
04:189:103 Information Technology and Informatics 3 CCO, ITR
04:189:152 The Structure of Information 3 ITR, WCd
04:189:251 Strategic Presentation Methods in Digital Media 3 ITR, WCd
04:189:353 Digital Technology and Disruptive Change 3 CCO, ITR
04:192:300 Communication Research 3 QQ, ITR
04:192:380 Public Speaking 3 CC, WCr, ITR
Information Technology and Informatics
04:547:111 The Internet and the Information Environment: A Quantitative Approach 3 CCO, QR, ITR
04:547:220 Retrieving and Evaluating Electronic Information 3 CCO, ITR
05:300:350 Education and Computers 3 ITR, CCO
Environmental Sciences
11:375:197 Environmental Science Literacy 3 CCO, ITR
11:375:310 Analytical Environmental Chemistry Laboratory 3 WCd, ITR
Environmental Planning and Design
11:573:232 Fundamentals of Environmental Geomatics 3 ITR
(was 11:670:201)
Introduction to Meteorology
(formerly Elements of Meteorology)