Credits at Rutgers


Courses that are designated with an E-prefix indicate that the course does not count into the credit total for graduation nor is the grade computed into the GPA.  These include, but are not limited to: Algebra and other remedial math courses, Pre-Calculus I & II Workshops (640:011 and 640:012), and Writing Center (355:099)

Proficiency Examinations

Students may satisfy prerequisites and sometimes earn credit through individual examinations offered by the academic departments of Rutgers.

Prior approval by the School of Arts and Sciences and the appropriate academic department is required before seeking credit through examination; approval by the major department also is required for credit in the major field. The awarding of credits through these methods is uncommon and decisions are made on a course-by-course basis.

Credit for Prerequisites

Students are not permitted to take courses for degree credit that are prerequisites to courses in which they have already earned a passing grade (D or better). For example, students may not take or repeat precalculus after having passed Calculus I. Furthermore, students are not permitted to receive degree credit for courses taken below their writing or foreign language placement level.

Courses Completed at Other Units of Rutgers University

School of Arts and Sciences students are expected to register for classes offered by the Rutgers-New Brunswick Campus faculties. Interunit registration for classes offered at the Rutgers-Newark and Rutgers-Camden campuses is granted only in unusual circumstances and must be approved by the Office of Academic Services prior to registration. Courses completed at other units of Rutgers University appear directly on the student's transcript and grades are included in the cumulative grade-point average. Because of differences in the structure of academic disciplines and in the details of requirements from unit to unit, there may be instances where specific courses may not be applicable to a School of Arts and Sciences major or minor or core curriculum learning goals.

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