High School Course Work

Courses taken through NJ Community Colleges:  Under New Jersey state law, certain approved courses in high school may be taken for college credit. For courses taken at New Jersey Community Colleges while the student is in high school or courses taken at the high school and recorded on a college transcript, njtransfer.org cannot be used to determine course equivalencies. Some courses with Rutgers equivalents in njtransfer.org may transfer as elective credit, or may not transfer at all if taken while the student was in high school. It is important to have official college transcripts sent to the Office of Advising and Academic Services for a complete evaluation.

Courses taken through Rutgers University: Courses completed in high school through programs offered by Rutgers University may be counted for degree credit for students that matriculate at the School of Arts and Sciences. See https://sasundergrad.rutgers.edu/degree-requirements/credits/credits-at-rutgers for more information.

Courses taken elsewhere: Please have official transcripts sent from the college or University to the Office of Advising and Academic Services for a complete evaluation.

For all pre-college credits: Students should consult with an advisor to determine if these credits provide an adequate background as a prerequisite to the next level of coursework in SAS. For questions about dual enrollment credits, please contact the SAS First-Year advising office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 848-445-8888.