COVID-19 Interim Academic Standing Policy

As Rutgers plans for a return to more normative pre-pandemic functions for the fall semester, we recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the lives of our students and families. While Rutgers has continued to allow students to use the P/NC grade conversion option to address course work that has been adversely affected by pandemic disruptions, use of the NC option to replace grades of D and F does not consider the negative impact it may have on overall degree progress beyond preserving GPA.

Failure to earn credit delays your timely declaration of a major and/or minor, slows credit accumulation, adds expense to the cost of completing your degree, and jeopardizes continuing financial aid eligibility. Every F, D, NC or W threatens your time to completion and decreases the likelihood of being able complete a degree at all.

As it remains our primary objective to support students through these difficult times and to keep you on track toward your successful and timely degree completion, during COVID-19 while the P/NC conversion option is in force, students failing to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress towards their degree will be reviewed and assessed an Academic Standing Status including the possibility of Suspension or Dismissal.

*Note: Suspension and Dismissal statuses are considered pending until the grace period for remediation has expired. (Summer grace period ends August 18, 2021 and fall grace period ends December 23, 2021.)

All students will be identified for academic review on the basis of the Term GPA prior to the application of the Pass/No Credit conversion option. This is done to identify students who are at risk.   

Academic Review (pre-pandemic)

At the end of both the Fall and Spring semesters, the Academic Standing Committee reviews the academic performance of every student and assesses their academic standing.  Each student is given the following academic status based on this review:

Dean's List

After Fall or Spring semester term GPA is a minimum of 3.500. No fewer than 12.0 credits with letter grades (Pass/No Credit and E credits are excluded).

Satisfactory Standing

After Fall or Spring semesters term GPA is a minimum of 2.000.

Academic Warning

After Fall or Spring semester term GPA is lower than 2.000, after a previous semester of Satisfactory Standing.

Academic Probation

After Fall or Spring semester GPA is lower than 2.000 for two or more consecutive semesters.

Suspension and Dismissal

After Spring only. This is based on your cumulative GPA and declared Class Year.



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