COVID-19 Interim Academic Standing Policy

As Rutgers plans for a return to more normative pre-pandemic functions for the fall semester, we recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the lives of our students and families. While Rutgers has continued to allow students to use the P/NC grade conversion option to address course work that has been adversely affected by pandemic disruptions, use of the NC option to replace grades of D and F does not consider the negative impact it may have on overall degree progress beyond preserving GPA.

Failure to earn credit delays your timely declaration of a major and/or minor, slows credit accumulation, adds expense to the cost of completing your degree, and jeopardizes continuing financial aid eligibility. Every F, D, NC or W threatens your time to completion and decreases the likelihood of being able complete a degree at all.

As it remains our primary objective to support students through these difficult times and to keep you on track toward your successful and timely degree completion, during COVID-19 while the P/NC conversion option is in force, students failing to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress towards their degree will be reviewed and assessed an Academic Standing Status including the possibility of Suspension or Dismissal.

*Note: Suspension and Dismissal statuses are considered pending until the grace period for remediation has expired. (Summer grace period ends August 18, 2021 and fall grace period ends December 23, 2021.)

All students will be identified for academic review on the basis of the Term GPA prior to the application of the Pass/No Credit conversion option. This is done to identify students who are at risk.   


After Fall and Spring, Term GPA is a minimum 2.000 and C or better has been earned in all attempted credits.


Warning and Probation status will be assessed based on academic progress determined by the Term GPA post Pass/No Credit conversion and-or the number of credits successfully completed with grades of C or better. This means it is possible to be placed on Warning or Probation even if your term GPA after Pass/No Credit conversion is greater than or equal to 2.000 because of a disruption in progress towards your degree.

Academic Warning

A student may be placed on Academic Warning under EITHER of the following circumstances:

  • The Term GPA after Pass/No Credit conversion, is less than 2.000. 


See Conditions and Restrictions

Academic Probation

Typically a student will be placed on Academic Probation when they have had two or more consecutive semesters with a term GPA below 2.000 OR had a status of Warning or Probation in the prior semester for unsatisfactory academic progress. A student may be placed on Academic Probation under EITHER the following circumstances.

  • The Term GPA after Pass/No Credit conversion, is less than 2.000


See Restrictions and Conditions


The Cumulative GPA of every student is reviewed each year at the end of the Spring semester to ensure that all students are making consistent and realistic progress towards the minimum legal GPA standard for graduation, 2.000. Academic Suspension and Academic Dismissal are typically based only on the cumulative grade point average (GPA) measured against a graduated standard of increasing expectations determined by the student's recorded year of anticipated graduation and the number of completed semesters of enrollment.  

To effectively identify students who are most at risk, students will be identified for review on the basis of the Cumulative GPA prior to the P/NC conversion option. However, Suspension and Dismissal eligibility will be assessed based on each student’s individual academic progress determined by the Cum GPA and/ or the percentage of attempted credits successfully completed while the P/NC conversion option has been in effect (Sp20-Sp21). This means it is possible to be subject to Academic Suspension or Dismissal even if your cumulative GPA after P/NC conversion is greater than your “Class Year” standard as noted below, because of a disruption in progress towards your degree. 

A student may be subject to Academic Suspension or Academic Dismissal from SAS when either/or, both of the following circumstances apply: 

When your cumulative GPA is less than the figure below after P/NC conversion has been applied: 

Graduated GPA Standard 


Class Year 

Cumulative GPA 










8th or higher 



    When the percentage of attempted credits, successfully completed since Spring 2020 or more recent enrollment, is less than the following standards:

If Enrolled Since 

% of Attempted Credits 

Spring 2020 

Less than 70% 

Fall 2020 

Less than 50% 

Spring 2021* 

Less than 50% 

*Exceptions:  First-Year and Transfer Students enrolled in their first semester at Rutgers during a Spring term are not subject to Suspension, even when the cumulative GPA is below the specified standard for their class year. 

Note: It is not possible to change your graduation year after notification of Suspension or Dismissal. You are responsible for monitoring your graduation date and academic record. Failure to receive or acknowledge Suspension or Dismissal notification does not void the academic standing action. 

Academic Suspension occurs after you have been on Academic Warning at least once during your enrollment and the first time you fall below this standard – or if you “remediated” a previous Suspension but fail again to meet the required cumulative GPA. Ordinarily, an Academic Suspension must be addressed in the Rutgers – New Brunswick Summer Session with the option of doing so in a future year. Students subject to Suspension are guaranteed one attempt at completing Summer coursework. 

Academic Dismissal unless immediately and successfully addressed, are usually final. This status is applied when you have a previously sustained Suspension noted on your record, and again fall below the required Cumulative GPA standards. Students subject to Academic Dismissal typically must successfully remediate their Cumulative GPA using the “Grace Period Remediation Option.” immediately following notification of status. Otherwise, it is not possible to return in a future term without a successful Academic Appeal.

However, in accordance with the COVID-19 Interim Academic Standing Policy, students subject to Dismissal are eligible to use the Fall COVID-19 Carry semester (Grace Period) option in lieu of the traditional Summer Grace Period Remediation option.  


Reinstatement Options:  

If you are Suspended or Dismissed from the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS), typically you are not eligible for continued enrollment without successful completion of Summer Session coursework at Rutgers- New Brunswick. However, with consideration for the ongoing adverse academic and financial impact that COVID-19 has imposed on so many of you and your families, the options for continued enrollment have been expanded to include the opportunity to earn reinstatement while enrolled during the fall 2021 semester. 


Summer Grace Period Remediation: For students subject to suspension or dismissal based on post P/NC conversion Cum GPA, your Suspension or Dismissal may be reversed if you can raise your cumulative GPA to the required standard (determined by your class year and number of terms enrolled) by completing course work during the Rutgers- NB Summer Session immediately following your Suspension or Dismissal, no later than August 18th.  See https://sasundergrad.rutgers.edu/academic-standing/academic-review/suspension-and-dismissal/reinstatement

PASS (Probation after Sustained Suspension): If you are subject to Suspension and it is not possible to complete enough course work during the Summer Session Grace Period to raise your cumulative GPA to the required standard, you may use the “PASS” (Probation After Sustained Suspension) option to be eligible for continued enrollment in the fall.  See https://sasundergrad.rutgers.edu/academic-standing/academic-review/suspension-and-dismissal/reinstatement


Fall COVID-19 Carry Semester (Deferred Suspension/Dismissal) 

  • If you are subject to Suspension or Dismissal, you may continue your enrollment for the fall semester with the following reinstatement conditions 
    • You may not register for more than 16 credits 
    • You must earn a term GPA of 2.000 or higher 
    • You must earn a grade of C or better in all registered courses 
      (D, F, TD, TF, NC, U, W, TZ or NG will not be accepted.) 
  • Failure to satisfy these conditions will make you ineligible to continue enrollment for the spring semester and will sustain your Suspension or Dismissal in January. 
  • Continued enrollment thereafter will be based on traditional summer conditional reenrollment. 
  • Note: While the Interim Academic Standing Policy is in effect, students subject to Dismissal will be eligible for one conditional reenrollment attempt. 


For students with extra ordinary circumstances or those who have unsuccessfully attempted summer you may submit a written appeal to the SAS Faculty Committee for Academic Standing.  


For students applying to return following Academic Suspension in a previous year.

Students who either failed to meet the required academic standards in the Summer following their Suspension (not Dismissal**), or who did not attempt to complete coursework, must apply for Summer Conditional Reenrollment.

Conditionally Reenrolled students must complete six new degree credits, in two courses, during the Rutgers - New Brunswick Summer Session and obtain a term GPA of 2.75 or higher by the end of the third Summer Session.

  • Students are guaranteed one opportunity to address their Academic Suspension with Summer Session coursework. After the first attempt, future reenrollment is determined by review of your academic record and the viability of successful degree completion.
  • You must apply for Conditional Reenrollment by the advertised deadlines; applications will begin to be processed in early February in the order in which they were received.
  • Be aware, you cannot earn new degree credits for any courses that are E-credited or in which you previously earned degree credit, including grades of D that are ineligible for the F/D Repeat Policy and grades of C or higher.
  • If you choose to enroll in more than six credits of summer coursework, your GPA for all summer coursework must still be at least 2.75.
  • Registration for future semesters is contingent on successful completion of all requirements.

If you are successful in meeting the requirements for Conditional Reenrollment you will be placed on Probation in your next semester of enrollment. In addition, if you then fail to earn a term GPA of 2.00 or higher, SAS reserves the right to rescind your reenrollment and may require you to sit-out the Spring term and apply for Conditional Reenrollment in the following Summer.

** Students subject to Academic Dismissal are not eligible to utilize the PASS (Probation After Sustained Suspension) Option or Conditional Reenrollment except by successful Appeal to the Faculty Committee for Academic Standing. 


I just received an email stating I may be suspended/dismissed, what do I do next?

Go to the Canvas link in your email, follow the modules to understand your status and complete the Intent to Continue form to inform us about your plans to resolve your Suspension or Dismissal.

When and how can I speak with an Adviser about my status?

If you are planning to take courses this summer to resolve your suspension/dismissal, you can self-schedule an appointment here https://secure.sas.rutgers.edu/apps/ruscheduler/acsupport by June 11th.

If you are planning to resolve your suspension/dismissal this fall, your assigned adviser will contact you and you will be able to meet with them beginning July 9th.

What happens if I do not attend a virtual suspension/dismissal advising appointment?

You will remain ineligible to use the web registration system to make fall schedule changes until September 3rd and you will still be held to the Fall Carry Semester reinstatement requirements, if you choose to continue with Fall 2021 courses.

What are my options if I decide to do summer?

This will depend on the reason that qualified you for suspension or dismissal. If completion rate is the reason for your status, then you must successfully complete 6 credits with a C or better to continue for the fall.
If low cumulative GPA is the reason for your status, then your reinstatement options will depend on how deficient your cumulative GPA is. See Reinstatement Options.

Can I still convert my spring 2021 grades to PA/NC?

The deadline for P/NC conversion for spring 2021 was May 19, 2021. However, it is still possible to submit a request for PA/NC conversion of your spring grades. After reading the link below, please speak with an SAS advisor for more information.


Academic Review (pre-pandemic)

At the end of both the Fall and Spring semesters, the Academic Standing Committee reviews the academic performance of every student and assesses their academic standing.  Each student is given the following academic status based on this review:

Dean's List

After Fall or Spring semester term GPA is a minimum of 3.500. No fewer than 12.0 credits with letter grades (Pass/No Credit and E credits are excluded).

Satisfactory Standing

After Fall or Spring semesters term GPA is a minimum of 2.000.

Academic Warning

After Fall or Spring semester term GPA is lower than 2.000, after a previous semester of Satisfactory Standing.

Academic Probation

After Fall or Spring semester GPA is lower than 2.000 for two or more consecutive semesters.

Suspension and Dismissal

After Spring only. This is based on your cumulative GPA and declared Class Year.


Academic Standing Staff

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