If you were previously enrolled at Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences or any Rutgers legacy liberal arts unit, with a record of poor academic performance, including a cumulative grade point average below 2.00 and 5 or more consecutive years of hiatus*, you may apply for Academic Amnesty in the School of Arts & Sciences (SAS).

To qualify for Academic Amnesty, eligible students must demonstrate academic proficiency by completing 12 new degree credits of coursework with a grade-point average (GPA) of 2.75 or higher within a single academic year from active re-enrollment.

If Amnesty is granted, a transcript adjustment is applied to your record creating a new GPA based only on coursework completed since active re-enrollment. Credit for any prior Rutgers coursework completed with grades of C or better, will count toward degree completion, but these prior grades will no longer be calculated into the GPA. All credit for prior coursework with grades of D will be lost and will therefore no longer count towards degree completion. Grades of D and F will also be removed from your cumulative GPA.

In other words, successful Amnesty students will only keep prior degree credits earned with grades of C or higher, and the GPA will include only grades earned after the point of Amnesty re-enrollment.

*Effective June 2023, by referendum vote, the SAS Faculty Committee for Academic Standing amended the required hiatus from Rutgers from 10 consecutive years to 5 consecutive years. The 5 year hiatus requirement applies only to applications received in June 2023 or later.