The Office for Senior Advising reviews students for graduation based upon your declared graduation date, which is determined upon admission to Rutgers. Students who wish to be reviewed for graduation earlier or later than their declared date must submit a formal request at myGradDate in a timely fashion. Failure to change your graduation date will result in not being tracked for the appropriate graduation cycle and possibly being blocked from registering for future coursework.

There are three graduation cycles:

January following the fall and winter terms
 May following the spring term
 August following the summer term

You are expected to graduate once your degree requirements are complete. SAS will review and forward the names of students whose requirements are done by their declared graduation date to the Registrar’s office, which will post the degree to the transcript. If you need to stay beyond your declared graduation date, you must submit a request to change your date at myGradDate PRIOR TO the end of the semester. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their graduation date is correct; SAS does not rescind degrees that have been sent to the Registrar.