Leave of Absence and Withdrawal

Matriculated students are expected to maintain continuous enrollment throughout their degree program. However, in some cases students may need to take a Leave of Absence from the University or Withdraw from their semester due to illness, military activation, etc..

Students are required to notify SAS of any departure or absence from a semester by submitting a completed Leave of Absence/Withdrawal form.

Students who take a Leave of Absence or Withdraw are permitted to reenroll, and can do so by indicating their semester of return on the Leave of Absence/Withdrawal form, or by completing the free, online SAS Reenrollment form.*

*Students whose cumulative GPA is below a 2.0 may be required to attend Rutgers Summer Session prior to returning for a fall or spring semester.

**Courses taken outside of Rutgers during a leave of absence are considered transfer courses. For information on transfer course policies at SAS, please see the SAS Transfer Courses page.

Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Form

Tuition Refund Dates

  • Students who withdraw from their entire semester may be eligible for full or partial refunds, depending on the effective date of the withdrawal. For withdrawals after the semester has begun, the effective date is the date SAS receives the signed, completed Leave of Absence/Withdrawal form.
  • Students may use Webreg to drop courses or cancel their entire schedule prior to the beginning of a semester and receive a 100% refund. However, once the semester begins, the online registration system will not permit students to drop their final class. To withdraw completely, students must submit the Leave of Absence/Withdrawal form to SAS.
  • Failure to attend class is not equivalent to a Leave of Absence or Withdrawal, and students will not receive an adjustment of charges or grades unless a Leave of Absence/Withdrawal form is filed with SAS.
  • Refund deadlines are posted online at https://finance.rutgers.edu/student-abc/refunds/withdrawals-school