You may withdraw from courses during the designated withdrawal period before the eighth week of the semester. A "W" is applied to the transcript when you drop a class after add/drop but before the final withdrawal period of the semester.  It does not go into the GPA.  

It is recommended that you consult with an SAS Academic advisor when contemplating withdrawal from a course. Terminating class attendance does not constitute withdrawal from a course. See the University Policies and Procedures section of the New Brunswick Undergraduate Catalog for details of the add/drop policy; specific add/drop and withdrawal information for the current semester can be found on the on the website of the New Brunswick Registrar.

Withdrawal from Minicourses

Minicourses are courses that are worth 1, 1.5, or 2 credits that you may add after the semester has begun, but before the start date for each course. You may withdraw from a minicourse without a "W" anytime before the first class meeting.  After the class meets for the first time, you may withdraw with a "W" for 3 weeks.  After 3 weeks, you have committed to the course and may no longer withdraw from the course.  For assistance in adding or withdrawing from a minicourse, please connect with an academic advisor via Live Chat.

Semester Withdrawal

You may submit a withdrawal for a particular semester when a return date is not known or when there is not a plan to return to the School of Arts and Sciences. Failure to attend class is not equivalent to a withdrawal, and you will not receive an adjustment of charges or grades (see unless a formal withdrawal is filed with the university and approved prior to the 12th week of the semester.

Student Withdrawal Form

Tuition Refund for Withdrawal from School