The Department of Entomology at Rutgers University was established in 1888 as part of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. Over the years, department faculty have studied a wide variety of economically important insects including mosquitoes, gypsy moth, Colorado potato beetle, and cockroaches.

Today, our faculty conducts research involving the systematics of dragonflies and other insects, insect plant interactions, biology and spread of invasive insects, public health issues and biological monitoring of earth's environment, and pests of blueberries, cranberries, ornamentals, tree fruit, turf, and vegetables. The Department's Insect Museum contains over 1/4 million specimens collected from the 1800's to present time which serve to record environmental changes over time. Our Center for Vector Biology is a nationally and internationally known program for mosquito, tick, and blackfly research.

The department offers courses leading to doctoral, master's and, bachelor of science degrees in entomology, as well as an undergraduate minor in entomology.