The Bloustein School provides students a unique opportunity to pursue their passion for public service and research and offers bachelor degrees in five major fields. The school also offers seven minor programs. With an undergraduate population of approximately 800 students, the Bloustein School is small enough to offer students individual academic support and the focus of a professional school, but large enough for students to enjoy all the benefits, resources, and opportunities of a leading public research university.

Sample Schedule

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The recommended first semester schedule for a first-year student considering the Planning and Public Policy major would consist of the following:


Course 1:

Course 2:

Course 3:

Course 4:

Course 5:



Expository Writing 101 (3cr)

Major Exploration (3cr) *see below

 Major or Minor Exploration (3cr)

 SAS Core or Signature Course (3cr)

 SAS Core or Signature Course (3cr)

 Byrne and/or First-Year Interest Group
(1-2cr) Seminar (FIGS)

 Total Credits: 16-17


Planning and Public Policy Major Exploration Course(s) recommended by faculty:

Course Title

Course Number

Course Planning Worksheet & First Year Sectioning System Category


Intro to Planning, Policy & Health





Additional information Beyond the Classroom

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