When will I declare my major?

Students typically declare their major by the end of the Sophomore year. We encourage you to make an appointment to meet with an advisor at least once each semester in your first year to discuss major options and the process for declaring your major when you are ready.

If you are undeclared, can you take classes for your intended major?

Yes. Remember, all students enter SAS without a declared major. All majors have introductory courses open to all students regardless of their declaration status, so you will be able to take appropriate courses in your first year to explore possible areas of interest.

Do the placement test results prevent students from declaring a major?

No! Placement tests are required to schedule your APA Day and request your courses. The results provide important information to determine appropriate courses based on the skills you bring to college. Depending on the major you are pursuing, your placement tests may determine what major courses you can or cannot take in your first semester. You will talk more about this with an advisor during your advising session, so be sure that you have completed your placement tests at least two weeks before your APA session.

When will I register for courses?

In your first semester, advisors will register you for your courses based on your course requests you provide in the First Year Sectioning System. If any of the courses you requested are not available, every effort is made to enroll you in courses that are aligned with your major and career goals. In future semesters, you will register on your own through Web Reg with the assistance of your advising team. 

Why can't I request other classes from the course offerings page?

Each semester, Rutgers offers hundreds of course options! It can be a bit overwhelming to choose the most appropriate ones. The courses in the course request system have been carefully selected by faculty to ensure your success as a first year student.

Is studying a world language required for all SAS students?

It is not required for all SAS students, but some majors do have a world language requirement, as do the SAS Honors Program and Honors College. We offer courses in over 25 languages, so we hope that you will consider studying a world language! And, the innovative Language Engagement Project provides students with the opportunity to share their language skills with students from around the world!

What is the difference between the Computer Science BA & BS degree?

The main difference between the BA and BS degree is the number of required courses. For the Bachelor of Arts (BA), students take 6 foundational courses in computer science, 3 in math and 5 computer science electives. For the Bachelor of Science degree, students take the BA courses with an additional two science courses and two computer science electives. About 80% of CS majors choose to complete the BS degree. The first two years for the BA and BS degree are the same, so during your first year, you can consult the Computer Science major advisor about how the BA vs. BS degree impacts (if at all) career and/or graduate school opportunities.

Is Biology the best major for Medical School?

While many students who plan to attend medical school choose to major in Biological Sciences, it is not a requirement or a preferred major for medical school. Students who wish to attend medical school pursue degrees in other areas, including humanities and social sciences. Regardless of your major, you will need a strong foundation in the sciences and math to satisfy the prerequisites for medical school. The Health Professions Office advises students in all majors on careers in the health professions.

I was admitted to SAS but would like to transfer to another school within Rutgers. What would be the process?

For students to apply for a school-to-school transfer, students need to complete prerequisite courses and meet the admissions criteria. The prerequisite courses will vary based on the school, so if you are considering a school-to-school transfer talk with an advisor about that during your advising session.

As an SAS student, can I declare a major from another school at Rutgers?

Yes! As an SAS student you can declare majors from the School of Communication and Information, the Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, the School of Management and Labor Relations, Mason Gross School of the Arts, and some majors from the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. SAS students also have two minor options from the Rutgers Business School. You can view all of the majors available to SAS students here.

Can you double major across two different RU schools?

Students can double major across different schools within Rutgers-New Brunswick, depending on the program you are interested in. If you are considering a double major, you will want to meet with an advisor in your first year to discuss your options.

What kind of research do undergraduate students do?

The Aresty Research Center provides support for undergraduate research. The Center assists students in finding opportunities with faculty mentors or projects. Click here to review some of the Senior research projects presented at the 2020 Annual Aresty Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Is it possible to graduate in 3 or 3.5 years?

It can be possible to graduate in 3 or 3 ½ years, but this will take a lot of planning and may not always be the best option for students. If graduating early is a goal of yours, schedule an academic advising appointment about 4-5 weeks into your first semester to review your options.