Make a Virtual Appointment with an Academic Advisor

Make a Virtual Appointment with an SAS Advisor

Your virtual appointment will be online via Zoom or WebEx and may be with any SAS Academic Advisor.   To make an appointment, please select the RU-Scheduler link below. 

You may also call 848-932-8888 weekdays 9am - noon, 1pm - 5pm EST or through Live Chat, weekdays 9am-5pm EST.

Academic Advising is an opportunity to exchange information designed to help you reach your educational and career goals. Advising is a shared responsibility between an advisor and the student. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to make decisions about your life goals by creating a plan to reach those goals.

Academic Advisors assist in this process by helping you understand your options, determine resources and, when necessary, identify alternatives. While you are urged to keep parents informed of plans and progress, the advising relationship is unique between the academic advisor and the student.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate prospective or incoming students in individual advising sessions until the semester they begin at Rutgers.

To schedule an appointment, click on the RU Scheduler link below: