The Rutgers University School of Arts and Sciences Transfer Center holds STAR Days (Students in Transition Advising and Registration Days) to assist new transfer students. On your STAR Day, you will receive an overview of the School of Arts and Sciences policies, learn to use web resources, meet with advisors, and register for your fall/spring classes. You will receive an email from the Transfer Center inviting you to register for a STAR Day after your transcripts have been evaluated.

How to prepare for STAR Day:

Please review the following information PRIOR to your STAR Day:

1. Transfer Student Guide



2. STAR Day Videos

Prepare for registration by watching the following short videos!

We look forward to meeting you soon!

STAR Day invitations will be e-mailed along with transfer evaluations beginning in early December for spring transfers and early May for fall transfers.

If you are a second degree student, you should not attend a STAR Day. Please click here for more information.


3. STAR Day Program

...coming soon