Grounds for appeal include technical error or extenuating circumstances (e.g., severe medical problems or family crisis). Approval of an Appeal is not guaranteed, and this should be seen as your last option. Students must present information to the Committee in writing only. The letter of appeal must be written by the student, must state the reasons for the appeal, and should be accompanied by appropriate documentation and a completed Appeal Cover Sheet. Decisions of the Committee are final. Students are notified in writing within one month of the Appeal Cycle.

Note: Submission of an appeal does not guarantee reinstatement. Presenting false or intentionally misleading information in the Appeal may result in immediate Dismissal of the Appeal and/or judicial charges.

Suspension and Dismissal

Students may appeal, in writing, according to the posted submission deadlines noted below. If your appeal is approved, you will be readmitted on Probation for the following semester of enrollment and a note of Academic Suspension or Dismissal will remain in your academic file.

Retroactive Withdrawal

In exceptional circumstances, and demonstration of strong academic performance, students may appeal to withdraw from a previous semester. Under this policy, the student receives a semester of Ws. It is not possible to retroactively withdraw from individual classes – the entire semester is withdrawn.

Submitting an Academic Appeal

If you believe you have circumstances appropriate for Appeal, it is important that you come in person to speak with an Academic Standing Dean.

Letter of Appeal

  • The Appeal letter must be written by the student and should be comprehensive, outlining the specific request.
  • The Appeal should be typed (no more than four-pages).
  • The Appeal must include your name, ID number, current address and email.

Include information on:

  • The circumstances that negatively impacted your academic performance during the semester of for Retroactive Withdrawal or what led to the Suspension or Dismissal.
  • What you did to address these issues or what you are doing if these circumstances are still ongoing.
  • Why you did not withdraw from the semester.
  • Any contact that you made with any other internal or outside office(s) to address these issues. Or why you did not seek contact? What has changed since you contacted these offices.
  • You must outline an academic and personal action plan that you will implement if reinstated to SAS.
  • You must attach documentation to verify the problem(s) you experienced.

Appeals submitted by email will not be accepted without prior approval from the Dean for Academic Standing.

The decision of the Faculty Committee for Academic Standing is final.

When to Submit

The SAS Faculty Committee for Academic Standing convenes three times annually in January, June and August. Students seeking to submit an Appeal for consideration should submit their complete Appeal Package - with supporting documentation - by the following deadlines:

January Appeals are due by December 20th. 
June Appeals are due by May 31st.
August Appeals are due by August 22nd.

Appeals that arrive after the deadline may be resubmitted for review during the next academic appeals cycle.

Where to Send Appeals:

Appeals are submitted through Rutgers Canvas upon completing the following process.

  • Request a virtual meeting with an Academic Standing Dean via Online Chat or calling 848-932-8888. 
  • Upon meeting with the Dean, students will be authorized for access and added to the SAS-OAAS Appeals Portal on CANVAS.
  • Receive and accept your course invitation to the SAS Appeals Portal then upload all relevant documents. (See "Letter of Appeal" above.)

NOTE:  Submission of an appeal DOES NOT guarantee reinstatement.