Helping our students launch and sustain careers and lives of purpose

The Career Explorations in Arts and Sciences initiative connects students to the alumni and resources they need to launch purpose filled lives and careers after college. Through courses, advising, alumni stories and networking, students learn about the unique advantages an Arts and Sciences education provides for building a career in a changing world.

The advantages of an Arts and Sciences education at Rutgers University - New Brunswick include:

  • Aligns with job and skill demand: Studies show that arts and sciences majors succeed over the long termHybrid jobs are the fastest growing set of jobs, requiring a mix of some technical skills and robust "human" skills, such as communication, creativity, and adaptability. The interdisciplinary focus of the SAS Core Curriculum and the depth of focus of its majors provides students with the core Career Readiness Skills to succeed in a global, tech-enabled world. 

  • Major does not determine career path: SAS alumni career paths are diverse and adaptable. Consider Philosophy`12 graduate Zeke Pariser who obtained a job as a regulatory analyst, “I would NOT have the job I do today without my liberal arts background. I learned how to analyze, write succinctly and convincingly, and present my thoughts and ideas coherently and confidently from some of the top professors in the world. I loved every single course I took at Rutgers; each one prepared me for the job I have today.” Read more here:Launching Careers: Alumni Stories

  • Enriches your life and your work: Studies show that an arts and sciences degree enriches graduates lives and careers, even among first-generation students

The Career Explorations in Arts and Sciences initiative includes

  • The Career Explorations in Arts and Sciences Course, a new 1.5 credit course for Sophomores and Juniors, helps students to articulate the Career Readiness Skills they are developing through their SAS courses and experiences; to explore careers while building a professional network of alumni mentors; and to practice important job search skills, from resume writing to interviewing.
  • The SAS Connect student alumni networking event: Each spring, students learn how arts and sciences alumni create purpose in their lives and careers. Students and alumni enjoy connecting in a casual setting  to encourage reactions like this one, "I thought alumni would be stuffy professionals, but they were so friendly and interesting. I realize they were like me once!" - SAS Sophomore
  • Strategic Initiatives to enhance student awareness of the value of arts and sciences degrees for life and career:
    • Alumni panels
    • On-line database of SAS alumni stories
    • Career Readiness courses customized for majors (pilot projects)
    • Workshops for faculty and staff to enhance students' awareness and articulation of the skills they are developing in SAS majors. 
    • Pilot projects with industry to enhance experiential learning 
    • Career readiness resources for SAS students, faculty and staff

For more information about the initiative, please see the links on this website or contact Jennifer Lenahan, Director of Career Explorations in Arts and Sciences at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.