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Career Explorations in Arts and Sciences (01:090:210) 

This 1.5 credit, graded class will help you get the tools you need to be successful in your personal career journey.  

  • Discover Yourself: Identify your interests and values; articulate career relevant skills you are building at SAS.
  • Explore Majors and Careers: Meet and see stories about alumni; learn how the workplace is changing and how you can adapt; research major and career options that fit your unique strengths (not necessarily your major!)
  • Build Skills and Pursue Goals: Create networking and job search tools to help you demonstrate your unique strengths and pursue opportunities. 

The course will be offered on-line in CANVAS. We have sychronous (set class time) and asynchronous (no set class time) versions. All offer opportunities to interact with instructor and peers. All graded activities contribute to tools you can use after the class to further your career exploration. Activities include video and on-line lectures, on-line discussions, and several small assignments (These include: short self-reflections, a 30-second "elevator pitch", a resume and cover letter, LinkedIn profile, an interview with an alumnus or professional in your field of interest, and a plan for your next steps.)

Graded activities in the class include: 



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