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In our rapidly evolving world, complex "human skills", such as those provided in an Arts and Sciences education, are becoming more valuable than the rote skills that can be automated. With a well-rounded education that includes digital and analytical skills supported by the SAS Core Curriculum, minors, and electives, graduates can build the Career Readiness Skills to succeed in a global, tech-enabled world. A degree from the School of Arts and Sciences builds durable career readiness skills that last a lifetime and that allow you to explore your interests, navigate change, and make a positive impact in the world. Check out our alumni stories in the menu on the right to read more about what our graduates are doing after college. 

A new report on the Benefits of Higher Education in New Jersey shows a clear benefit to earning a college degree. Once the cost of education is subtracted, those who graduate with a Bachelor's degree in New Jersey earn an average of $1.3 million more than a High School graduate! The starting salaries for humanities and social science majors are well-above the median starting wage and are in the middle of the wage distribution for all majors. Salaries have also been rising the fastest in recent years for majors including philosophy, cultural studies, fitness/kinesiology, biological sciences, psychology and other arts and sciences disciplines. 

The articles below demonstrate the growing demand for the durable "human" skills an Arts and Sciences education can provide, especially when paired with experiential learning and networking with the more than 250,000 Rutgers alumni who reside in the tri-state area. 

Philosophy`12 graduate Zeke Pariser Financial Regulatory Professional 

“I would NOT have the job I do today without my liberal arts background. I learned how to analyze, write succinctly and convincingly, and present my thoughts and ideas coherently and confidently from some of the top professors in the world. I loved every single course I took at Rutgers; each one prepared me for the job I have today.” Read about SAS alumni starting their careers here: Launching Careers: Alumni Stories.

Additional articles on the career pathways that are possible with an Arts and Sciences degree: 

Following your interests enriches your life and your work:

Studies show that deeply engaging in an Arts and Sciences education - for its own sake - enriches graduates lives and careers.

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